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Report Card
Accelerated, project-based courses for college-bound business students.  Curriculum, assessments, peer network, and support. Offered through high schools nationwide.
Updated May 2016
Prepared for Success
81% earn college credit 8 credits (average) via local credit agreements Credit available through national partnerships
Post-Program Outcomes
73% enrolled in college within six months of graduation (2010-14) Source: National Student Clearinghouse. (US average is 66%)
" High School of Business increased my ability to:
Students say....
Schools say....
" High School of Business helped build relationships with:
of teachers say they benefit professionally because of High School of Business
94+ hours of teacher  training per school 614.486.6708 Berke[email protected]
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College & Business Communities
700+ working together on local steering teams
"We have found that students that are part of the HSB have had State and National success at DECA, FBLA and the Stock Market Challenge." -Laurie Urich, Colorado Community College System
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