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February 2017
Meet Laddie Perina
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Vol. 3
Laddie Perina
Laddie Perina is an Air Force Veteran and has been a teacher for nearly 20 years.  He currently teaches Drafting/Computer Science at Thomas Kelly High School in Chicago. Perina loves to travel.  He shares, "There is nothing like getting off the plane and entering a foreign land with new sites, smells and a new way of experiencing life."  
ImagineIT Project... Big Idea
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World of Wonder
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In order to be successful in this world, one needs to manage their emotions. Emotional Intelligence or EI is more important than the IQ. Having a positive work ethic, attitude and communication skills are paramount in the students present and future! -Laddie Perina
I wonder if there is more to this life than meets the eye?
Press CTRL + ALT + the right arrow key.   Then press CTRL + ALT + the left arrow key.  Then, before you get too dizzy press CTRL + ALT + the down arrow key.