Veterinary student debt

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City on Edge as Veterinary Student Debt Continues to Grow!
Reports of students entering the work force with student debt as much as twice their salaries!
Average student debt in 2014
Average salary in 2014 (private practice)
68.3% Tuition/fees
19.5% Living expenses
4.4% Transportation
3.3% Books/materials
4.5% Other
Where did it come from?
How did it get here?
Authorities urge calm!
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Steps you can take to prepare:
     Start a Budget
Don't wait for debt to find you.  Act now!
Nolen, S. (2015), While new salaries grow, debt remains a drag
Bain, B. & Dicks, M. (2016). Are veterinary students accumulating unreasonable amounts of debt?
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