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Featured Fellow
March 2017
Meet Karen Trine...
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Vol. 3
Karen Trine
Karen Trine teaches Honors Chemistry at Lane Tech College Prep in Chicago.  She is a very busy mom of three.   Trine enjoys playing both the guitar and the fiddle! She collects board games and loves reading sci-fi books.  We are very happy to have her on our #MSUrbanSTEM team!
ImagineIT Project... Big Idea
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World of Wonder
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"Physical science is its own language, so learning chemistry is learning a new language.  Learning the basic vocab and grammar rules for this language can open the door to a world of conversation with other scientists about the beautiful universe all around us." -Karen Trine
Are lake Michigan water levels at all time highs or lows?
Old school, but very handy...don't forget that you can save any PowerPoint slide as a GIF using the Save As command.  Comes in  handy when uploading images to websites and image editing too.