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Prevention Resource Center
Managed Care Center for Addictive / Other Disorders, Inc. 1715 26th St | Lubbock, TX 79411 806.780.8300 | 855.846.8300
We collaborate with other agencies by sharing data about substance abuse issues, trends, planning, training and other activities within our region and state. The Prevention Resource Center coordinates with regional coalitions and supports their prevention efforts.
Our purpose is to support activities that enhance and improve substance abuse prevention services across Region 1 of the State of Texas. We serve as a central repository for data about adolescent substance use collected throughout our region. Each year we report this data in our Regional Needs Assessment.
To provide current, relevant, and community-wide data on substance abuse trends
To enhance the ability of communities to more effectively respond to changes in substance abuse trends
To influence data driven changes in the standards and attitudes within our communities
Our Goals
There are more than
72 million children
in America under the age of 18.
More than 48% of 12th graders have tried some illicit drug in their lifetime.
More than 24% of 12th graders have used some illicit drug in the past month.
Source: Monitoring the Future Study, 2017
Hockley Co students personally know someone affected by prescription drug use or abuse
Lubbock-area students have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetimes
In 2013, underage drinking cost Texans $5.5 billion dollars. That is $3.50 for every drink consumed.
14% of Lubbock-area adolescents rode in a car driven by someone drunk at least once in the past year
1715 26th St | Lubbock, TX 79411 806.780.8300 | 855.846.8300
Prevention Resource Center