CHS Chromebook Presentation

published by Mandy Ringwald

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One-to-One Chromebook Initiative
Central Community High School District #71
We will strive to provide educational opportunities that will engage every student and build capacity in order to prepare students with current and future competencies to compete and excel in a complex, ever-changing technological world.
Why CHS went One to One?
We must prepare students for their futures, not our past.
Students have a fundamental right to expect an education that reflects these principles.
The most visible aspect of the One to One Initiative is that each student will receive a Chromebook.
The nature of information and knowledge in today's world is changing.
Students learn differently today.
Technology will aid us in our journey
How does Technology Help?
Not all students learn in the same way or at the same pace
Tools and Resources
24/7 Access to Information
Instantaneous Feedback
Sharing Information
Chromebooks used as a tool...
Teachers will still present information to students. The way that information is presented will change.  
The Chromebooks and technology allow for communication between teacher and student outside of the normal 50 minute class.
Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a student centered classroom environment in which students learn by solving open-ended problems. teachers the ability to incorporate more lessons that are student focused rather than the traditional teacher focused lesson.
Lease-to-Own Program
Students will only be allowed to utilize a school issued Chromebook unit at Central and usage of personal devices will not be acceptable.  The school will not be responsible for other devices, allow access to the school technology network, or be expected to monitor usage of any such device.
$75.00 annual fee
At graduation the student will take the Chromebook
Implementation Cycle
Student distribution & collection
Optional Insurance
This ensures consistency and uniformity in the tool utilized for classroom and usage at school.
Students are responsible...
Identification Labels
...for the general care of the Chromebook
General Precautions
Screen Care
Carrying Chromebooks
Chromebook charged daily Loaner checkout in Media Center      -- 3 free passes per semester Background and themes must be appropriate Headphones will be used for sound Printing capabilities School issued G Suite for Education account Save work on Google Drive
Chromebook Use at School:
Students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to any usage of a Chromebook, regardless of whether that use is for district-related or personal purposes, other than as specifically provided by law.
Chromebook Use Outside of School:
Virus Protection
Apps and Extensions
It is the family's responsibility to monitor the student's use of the Internet outside of the school setting.
Wi-Fi Connection
Content Filtering
G Suite for Education
Appropriate Uses and Digital Citizenship...
Respect Others
Protect Intellectual Property
Working in a digital and collaborative environment, students shall always conduct themselves as good digital citizens.
Respect Yourself
Protect Others
Protect Yourself
Respect Intellectual Property