PIDP 3250 Digital Project

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PIDP 3250
by:  Linda Dooley
Instructional Strategies Digital Project
Field Trips
What is a field trip?
It is a trip by students to gain firsthand knowledge away from the classroom.
What are some best practices?
Field trips should be interesting, informative and FUN for all students.   Field trip hosts should share their knowledge with  participants and within their scope of their own experience. Field trips should also help to enhance the student's learning and give them an opportunity to build their own skills.
Roles of the educator & the students:
Ensure student/teacher ratios are met
Required insurance coverage
Detailed itinerary
Academic value of the activity?
Magnitude of risks involved in the proposed activity?
Teaches professionalism
Enhanced sense of community
Creates an interest in new professions
Parental permission forms & costs associated with activity
Exposure to new places
Informal learning environment
Reinforces class instruction
Engagement & socialization with new classmates
Peaks curiosity within learners
Retention of "episodic memories"
Real-world experience
Classroom inspiration
Fun & Exciting!!
Transportation issues &expenses
Supervisory ratios must be met
Requires a lot of planning & preparation
Teachers must enforce rules strictly
Student behaviour
Budgetary constraints
Safety concerns
Location space & seating capacity