How to Register for Classes MLIS 2018

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How to Register for Classes
Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for classes. If you have any specific questions about the courses or the registration process, please email [email protected]
Welcome to the iSchool!
Review Program Checklist
Each specialization has a set of requirements that must be completed in order for a degree to be awarded. Each student will need to formally declare their specialization during their first semester in the program.
To find the specialization checklists, visit:
For information about the MLIS curriculum, visit:
To declare your specialization, visit:
Find out when courses will be offered
The iSchool 2 Year Course Plan outlines our best guess as to which classes will be offered over the next 2 years. You can use this to help with course planning.
To find the iSchool 2 Year Course Plan, visit:
Register Using Testudo
Select your registration term.
Select the appropriate course designation. Students in the iSchool will find their classes listed under the following three headings:   INFM (Information Management) INST (Information Studies) LBSC (Library Science)
There are several things to take into account in selecting your classes: 1) Verify that there are no restrictions or prerequisites that make you ineligible for a class.  If you are a student in the iSchool, then you already have “Permission of INFO-College of Information Studies.” You do NOT need to contact anyone for this permission. 2) Note the course number [1], section number [2], and number of credits [3] for future reference.
For the above example, if you want to take the section offered online, you would record: Course Number: LBSC602 Section Number: SG01 Number of Credits: 3
Select the term you want to register for.
Enter the course number,section number, and number of credits for your courses. Once you have finished, click Submit Changes.
Congratulations! You have successfully registered for classes! See you next semester!
If you have any questions, please email [email protected] Go Terps!