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EF Education First New York
Teach the world from your backyard
EF International Language Center of English is currently recruiting part-time ESL teachers to teach at our International Language Center on our Tarrytown, New York campus. We have available, part-time teaching positions on a semi-regular basis. Special consideration will be afforded to those applicants looking for long-term employment. We offer a variety of different teaching schedules, including mornings and afternoons, along with partial-week schedules.  Curriculum, supplemental resources, and both initial and ongoing training are provided. Requirements: Language teaching experience, preferably ESL Special consideration given to candidates with CELTA, DELTA, TESOL, or EFL training. Experience with standardized ESL exams, such as TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge encouraged.
We’re 43,500 small. We’re teachers and students, creatives and analysts, visionaries and doers. We are 120 nationalities—and counting. Together, we open the world through education, breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography all over the world. Over the past 50 years, our mission has grown to include a diverse range of programs that give millions of students of all ages the freedom and confidence to explore the world through language, travel and academic opportunities. Follow us on LinkedIn or check out to learn more about our amazing team, products, and customers.
Initial training sessions are interactive, personalized professional development opportunities that cover the topics of: PD sessions continue on a weekly to bi-weekly basis throughout the year. Peer observations and team teaching opportunities are also offered.
-Receptive skills frameworks -Productive skills frameworks -Language system frameworks -Blended learning -Inductive learning -Mastery of the language system -Classroom management -Assessment -Best practices & more
EF New York hosts students from over 80 different countries each year. Teachers are placed based on experience & need to determine assignments, which are organized by Common European Framework (CEFR) level and student age group. Age groups are categorized into Junior (12-16), ILS (17-24) and Professional (25+). Classes will be largely based on the English language system, in addition to classes of culture, business, history, exam preparation & more.
Module One: Language and background to language learning and teaching
Module Two: Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
Module Three: Managing the teaching and learning process
EF will sponsor up to three modules of the TKT for hires, dependent upon duration of employment. The test is offered on-site. For more information on the exam, please visit  
TKT is ideal for individuals who: • are already teaching, but would like to take an internationally recognised qualification to gain formal recognition for experience • want to improve your career opportunities by widening your teaching experience into specialist areas • want to keep teaching skills up to date.
To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to [email protected]