Hockley CO Survey Results

published by ManagedCare

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VOICES of Hockley County


6th - 8th Graders

Alcohol Consumption


Have Consumed Alcohol at Least Once

Know Adults Who Would Let Them Drink

Know Someone Who Has an Alcohol Problem



Attitudes about Alcohol

Most Kids Drink Because...

65% think alcohol use by Hockley County youth is a Major Problem

70% think heavy alcohol use has increased for youth over the last year

89% think drinking and driving among youth is a Serious Problem

45% support suspending driver's licenses for teens who drink alcohol

40% support more alcohol education in schools

Marijuana Consumption

Adolescent Marijuana Use Regional Comparison


Hockley Co youth tried marijuana at least once

6% have consumed marijuana in the past 30 days

Attitudes about Marijuana


View Marijuana as Dangerous


Say Marijuana is Easy to Get


Believe They Will Get Caught if They Use It

Ways They Have Consumed Marijuana

9% of those who use marijuana have dabbed in the last 30 days

Prescription Drug Use

Prescription Drugs That Are the Biggest Problems in School

34% believe that there is a problem at school with students misusing prescription drugs

7% admit to using Adderall or Ritalin as a study aid

22% say they know someone affected by prescription drug abuse

Only 8% of students say that they have disposed of prescription drugs at a Take Back Event

VOICES of Hockley County

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Kevin McNeill 
CCP Coordinator