How to Cut Costs Showing Quarter Horses

published by Carlie Massie

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A guide for the quarter horse enthusiast on a budget

Showing Quarter Horses can be a pricey sport and hobby. Many in the industry refer to it as the most expensive drug on the market. With this being said, most horse enthusiasts have to be on a budget, and sometimes just cannot make it fit. Worry no more, as there are always ways to make doing what you love affordable.

1. Be patient     - Take your time in finding the perfect       saddle or outfit 2. Just bring it     - If you bring it, it is less you will have to       pay to buy it again if you forget it 3. Plan ahead     - Send in entries early, most shows offer       discounts if you enter early

The Three Rules to Live by in Showing Horses

There are numerous options as to how you can make money while doing what you love, showing horses. Post flyers throughout the show grounds to promote:     - Braiding     - Banding     - Stall and horse help for trainers     - Something you have (made or pre-       owned) that you are selling (i.e. tail       bags, show tails, jewelry, tack, etc.) Come early and stay late to the horse shows to help set up and tear down the show and stalls. It will help pay the show bill at the end of the day.

Showtime Entrepreneur

Use Dollar Store for the low cost products like tape, scissors, snacks, hair brushes for tails, ect.

Buy cheap women’s shampoo for silver hair; it has the same products at half the cost

Do research and buy “horsey” products in bulk. Most equine shopping sites give discounts on bulk orders and to trainers.


Avoid the "Horsey" Retail

Be sure to do your research before making a purchase. Research = Money Saved

Sharing is Caring

One thing the Quarter Horse Industry has always been known for the friendliness of competitors, trainers, and show staff. It is tradition to advocate helping one another in and out of the show pen. So why not help each other out financially? Find a show buddy(s) that you have common show practices with and plan to attend most of the same shows. With that buddy(s), there are endless ways to share costs with each other to stay within budget, or even cut your budget. Share trailer rides and split the gas between each of the horses being hauled. Split a tack stall fee among the horses and a hotel among the people staying in it.


The outfits of today's Quarter Horse industry are absolutely stunning; they are filled with crystals and intricate designs that take dedication and hard work to create. However,the outfits are financially unreasonable to many members of the industry. $4,000 for a jacket just doesn't fit the budget for the average horse enthusiast, as we already spend so much on our horses and their athleticism.

Showmanship and Halter     -Find a nice, neat, blazer with a scarf to pop. Thrift Shops can offer low costs jackets that have potential to be made into an inexpensive and sleek alternative Riding shirts and jackets     - Find an inexpensive patterned, or non-patterned jacket/ shirt. Buy the stones online and stone them up yourself Use social media sites that trade tack or show clothing. Some popular "pages" on Facebook are:     -"Used to sell clothing and tack"     -"English Tack Trader"     -"Western Show Clothing New & Used"     -"Horse Show Tack & Show Clothes"

The Expensive Show Clothing

Do What You Love, Affordably

Take a hard look at your horse. Think about the athleticism, dedication, and love they have provided you. Do not give up on yours, or their, dreams in the show pen because of financials. Follow this guide, do your research, and you will accomplish.