Student Satisfaction with "Textbook Cost: 0"

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Student Satisfaction
Fall 2015 through Fall 2016
Students in "Textbook Cost: $0" courses were given a survey at the end of the semester.
Source: Leeward CC Student Survey - Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016
515 Responses
3 Semester's Worth of Data
Saved Student's Money
Have you saved money with your instructor adopting no-cost or OER resources?
"I had access to a device and Internet that allowed me to use the no-cost resource(s)."
"I feel the quality of the no-cost resource(s) were just as good as a traditional textbook."
I feel I did better in this course because I had access to the no-cost resource(s) from the first day of class."
Give advice about "Textbook Cost: $0"  to the next group of students
"You can't go wrong with downloadable textbooks. You don't have to carry bulky books and you are using your computer to do assignments anyway! It's all in one place."
"The "Textbook Cost: $0" resource is very helpful and easy to navigate. It is just as good as a real textbook, and its free."
"Textbook Cost $0 saves me money, time, and providing me with the education needed to succeed. It saved me the stress by going down to the crowed book store to buy a expensive book. I really appreciate our professor X for her concerns for us student and this program."
"It's very easy to use. The textbook online was really straight to the point and clear. Usually I would have to search and kind of interpret what textbooks are trying to teach. This one was really easy to follow."
Faculty Reflections
"I feel more in control of the material. When I used a traditional textbook, I had to teach whatever was in the chapters. I suppose I could have skipped parts of each chapter, but usually I would not since I felt obligated to use as much of the textbook as possible, so the students would feel like they were getting their money's worth. With OER, I can adapt materials (as permitted by the license) so that I am including only the material I want to include. I have really enjoyed this part the most. 2) It's much easier to adapt the course material to meet the needs of my students. If I see a number of students are struggling with some concept, I can modify material or add material or even delete material. Several times over this semester, I modified my course content to make it clearer based on feedback from students. While it is also possible to modify content when using a traditional textbook, for me it meant I needed to find some non-textbook resource to fill in where the textbook was not sufficient. 3) In the past, I was not able to use the textbook until at least the 2nd week of the semester since many students did not have the text until then. Now, we jump right into the course material and everyone has access. "