LEAD - 5 minute report

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The   LEAD   Office
2013-2014   proud  moments  and   highlights
data   across   '13-'1 4   programs
% Agree or Strongly Agree These questions were asked across over 75 LEAD programs/workshops/ presentations, etc. (Over 1000 respondents)
As a result of this (e.g. program), I can describe at least one way that I could help make Positive Change
I would recommend this (e.g. program) to others
Pre/Post (%agree  or  strongly   agree)   Leadership Mason   Conference
I can name the 4 core institutional characteristics of the Mason idea (IDEA)  
I know a variety of ways that I can be innovative as a leader
I can explain a variety of reasons why it is important to seek out perspectives that are different from my own
Pre/Post (%agree  or  strongly   agree)   Active  Leaders  program
I feel confident that I can translate my hopes and dreams for social change into concrete proposals and plans
I have identified ways to use my top talents/strengths
I am comfortable communicating in cross-cultural settings with people from different backgrounds than mine
Over 1000 unique Mason contacts
Note: Our 5366 total attendance number includes people who came to multiple programs, etc
“During my employment as a Leadership Consultant, I have participated and pioneered programs for youth with illnesses, responded to communities affected by natural disasters, and also have volunteered with elderly people. I participated in these programs because the causes and the people involved were genuine.” ~2013-2014 Leadership Consultant
“Through my work in the LEAD Office, I have been given the opportunity to really look into myself to gain an understanding of what my values are and how they guide my decisions… Values-based leadership has been an extremely important part of my development as an ethical leader…” ~2013-2014 Leadership Consultant
Hear  it  from  our  students...
FACULTY/STAFF MENTORING “I have grown so much being your student and I cannot actually put into words what it means to have you in my life. You have truly showed me what it means to have a mentor and even more what it means to be one.” ~2013-2014 Leadership Consultant
CONFIDENCE (EFFICACY BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES) “All my life, I was socialized into thinking I could never be a leader, let alone a college student…. All my life, I was told no; until I came to Mason. Through the support of the LEAD Office, I have found my voice, my passion, and my commitment to the empowerment of not just myself—but my community.” ~2013-2014 Leadership Consultant
SOCIO-CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS “When first arriving to Mason, I did not take full advantage of the diversity here. I interacted with students who looked like me and shared similar ideals that I did…. The Office of Leadership Education and Development and the Office of Diversity Inclusion and Multicultural Education really challenged me by integrating me with different people and also challenging me to step out of my comfort zone…. In one year my friend circle went from only African Americans to… all different types of races, ethnicities, and religions…” ~2013-2014 Leadership Consultant