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Road to my FMP
Year 1
Things I learnt in year 1
- Shot Types
- Semiology
- Introduction to Lighting
- Introduction to Genre
- Introduction to Mise-En-Scene
- Introduction to Cameras
- Introduction to Audio
- Introduction to Editing
- Introduction to Narrative
- Hello Project
- Experimenting with Movement
- Foley Sounds
- Winter Project
- Final Major Project
We learned all about the different shot types used in film.
These are two examples of the shot types we did.
I looked at semilology and mice-en-scene, how a scene is affected by the choice of  every detail of what is on screen.
Semiology + Mise-En-Scene
This is an example of how leading lines are used to draw attention towards the girls at the end of the corridor.
This scene from 'Schindler's List' 1993, uses colour in a black and white film to again draw attention onto a important aspect of the scene which in this case is the little girl. The choice of colour was also carefully considered as red could represent death and blood which is a big theme in this film.
Introduction to Lighting
One of the most common lighting techniques used is three point lighting. Three point lighting is used in a range of productions however is most commonly used for interviews. This technique works well as it lights up the majority of the subjects face without shadows. This can also be used to an advantage if you are trying to achieve shadows as you could remove or relocate any off the lights.
Introduction to Genre
For this we looked briefley over what makes a specific genre and how many there are. We looked into Film Noir in a bit more detail as it may be one of the lesser known genres, but has a lot of interesting techniques.
Hello Project
Our 'Hello' project was the first individual project that we were task to do. We had to use the skills we had learned from the time on the course so far to come up with a creative way of showing a greeting.
Experimenting with Movement
To experiment with movement, with a group we created a short video getting from point A to point B. It did have music t it however it was removed because of copyright reasons.
Foley Sound
We were tasked with creating Foley sound for a short Pixar animation called 'Lifted'. All the sounds were added by me in post. I learned about how to the sound you hear in films and tv programme isn't allways the same sound coming from the subject.
Winter Project
For the Winter Project I produced an interview featuring a rang of ages, this allowed me to gain an understanding of what peoples feelings were towards winter.
Final Major Project
The Final Major Project was an opportunity for us to showcase all the skills we have picked up in the first year leading up to this. We had to plan every detail of the project and it was one of the first big projects that I had done.  
Year 2
- Green Screen
- Creating Tension with sound
- Transform Project
Things I learned in year 2
Green Screen Task
For this task I had to talk in front of a green screen about anything I chose. The purpose of this was so I could add images of what I am talking about right behind me.
For this task I had to create tension using sound. I worked in a group and we came up with the setting of a school exam. We then made a list of all the sounds we may need and went to record them as foley. Afterwards we edited it all together.
Creating Tension with sound
Transform Project
For the Transform Project I had to create a scene using another scene or film and transform it to make it my own.
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