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Innovation Newsletter
March 2017
To share, inspire and build community across D100.
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Noteworthy Happenings
Visible Thinking and Feedback
Gissel Escobedo’s and Miriam Lopez’s dual language kindergarteners at Emerson are happy to show their thinking during math stations using ClassKick. Their teachers set up the slides with directions written in Spanish in addition to a recording of the directions being read aloud. Students were excited to see the in-the-moment feedback their teachers could give them by writing on their screen and giving virtual stickers!
D100 Bloggers
Grace Kowalski's and Alex Raver's 3rd grade class at Irving was chosen by UNICEF to participate in a Fit Bit fundraiser. Each student received a Fit Bit and earn a "kid power point" for every 2,400 steps they complete. Once they earn 10 power points, a food packet is donated to a malnourished child. The effort is in collaboration with thousands of classrooms across the country to feed starving children.
Feeding the Hungry One Step at a Time
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Teaching Above the Line
Challenges of Independence
5th grade at Piper answered the question "What challenges are people willing to face for independence?" in Vicky McClellan's and Liz French's social studies class. The students chose aspects of colonial America to investigate challenges and accomplishments of gaining independence. Students chose a variety of multimedia presentations to share their findings using stop motion, greenscreen, and RSA animate.   
Keep Innovating
Exploring Alternative Energy
Students in Dan King and Sarah Enger's 5th grade class as Komensky, put their persuasive writing skills to a new test. Students researched forms of alternative energy then created a presentation to persuade the class to invest in their form of energy. The presentations included an iMovie trailer, a Keynote with facts and information, and a model of how their energy source works.     
Global Weather Project
In Lauren Slanker's 8th grade science class, educators from around the world responded to tweets asking to share a picture and data about their current weather. The project spanned 12 US Cities and 3 countries. Students then analyzed and explained the reason for the current conditions. Click the picture to check out the storify of tweets on #FMS8th.  
Keep Innovating!
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