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GPSGA Executive Board Responsibilities
Solmaz Bastani
-Oversee the operations and activities of GPSGA and the affiliated committees: 4 hours/week -Preside over GA meeting & publish agenda: 4 hours every other week ​-Preside over GA meeting & publish agenda: ​4 hours every other week -Office hour: 2 hours/week -Represent GPSGA at several council meetings: 1 hour/week -Serve as the primary contact to graduate college,  VP of Students Affairs, VP of administrative and finance committee, VP of research, the provost office, the president office: 4 hours/week ​-Coordinate election and coordinate with Graduate College for Fall New Student Orientation: 6 hours/semester -Initiate discussion with the executive committee as needed for moving GPSGA events/programs forward: 2 hours/week -Perform any other duties as designated by the GA and executive committee (e.g. professional development workshop): as needed (20 h in Spring Semester) Total hours: approximately 20-25 h per week
Vice President
Kendall Scarlett
Description: Schedule a line of guest speakers for each general assembly. Assist fellow officers (president, social chair, etc.) in executing the appointed tasks during each semester Assist with Graduate Education Week and other events related to GPSGA Attend campus meetings when the President is unable Plan and head the Phoenix Committee in Spring Semester Time Commitment: Fall: 5-6 hours/week total Spring 7-8 hours/week total Advantageous Skills: Great communication skills An understanding of the governmental process
Enyue (Phoenix) Huang
Description: - Responsible for the maintenance of all financial records as required by the GPSGA. - Serve as chair of the Finance Committee. - Examine the travel grant applications on a quarterly basis and also maintain appropriate documentation - Assist in preparing the co-sponsorship bill with the appropriate party. - Recommend allocation of Group Funds (GSGF/AFAP) during the Spring Semester. Time Commitment: Fall: 1-2 Hr/wk Meeting planning; 2-4 Hr/Mth Campus Meetings;  4-6 Hr/Mth Different financial activities Spring: 1-2 Hr/wk Meeting planning; 2-4 Hr/Mth Campus Meetings; 2-3 Hr/wk Misc.; 10-15 Hr/Mth Research Symposium & Grad. Ed. Week
Jessica Schnaiter-Brasche
Description - Record attendance, collect forms and take minutes at meetings - Send out agendas, meeting minutes and other important information via email - Keep track of group standing and rep. information - Answer/direct various questions from members, executive board, dept. advisors, etc. Time Commitment: - 1-3 hrs/wk emails – answering questions, sending agenda/minutes, addressing concerns, etc. - 2 hrs/wk on logistics – maintaining records for standing, meetings, awards, issues, etc. - 2 hrs/wk meetings - 2 hrs/wk office hours
Communications Director
Prashanth Busi Reddy Gari
Responsibilities: - Maintain an up-to-date GPSGA website with attendance, committee lists, forms, GA agendas and minutes, officers portfolios and hours - Maintain CampusLink webpage with notifications, forms and approval of membership requests - Feature GPSGA  announcements on the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - Conduct the email correspondence of the GPSGA - Serve as moderator of representatives and the Executive Board - Serve as chair of C&P committee and prepare newsletter for the Fall and Spring semester - Oversee all advertising on behalf of GPSGA - Assemble a contact list of representatives and liaisons and publish in conjunction with the Secretary
Time commitment (Fall and Spring): ( ~ 6 - 9 hrs/week) • 10-12hrs - Drupal course (Only in Fall – university guidelines**) • 1 hr/sem – committee meeting • 10 hrs/sem – Information  gathering and editing newsletter • 2-3 hrs/week – website maintenance* • 1-2 hrs/week – email correspondence* • 1-2 hrs/week – exec board meetings • 2 hrs/week – office hours • 2-3 hrs/week – attending important events and meetings
Mandatory: • CMS: DRUPAL • Web design: Medium to high (HTML, CSS, Jquery) • Writing proficiency: Medium to high • Email etiquette
Suggested: •Photography (No professional experience needed) •Photo editing (Adobe suite ) •Video editing (Camtasia) •Flyer design
Communications Director
Social Director
Luci Wilson
Description: - Create, plan, promote, and run GPSGA events (Ex: Graduate Education Week, socials) - Reserve rooms for events - Order food and determine table/chair/banner/etc. set-ups for events Approximate time commitment: - Meeting time: 2 hrs/wk - Committee meetings and correspondence: 0-1 hrs/wk - Office hour requirement: 2 hrs/wk - Contacting funding sources/booking rooms/ planning  GPSGA tailgates, etc.: 0-1 hrs/wk **time commitment is greater during 2nd semester of term as Graduate Education Week nears**
Intergovernmental Liaison
Milad Mohebali
Responsibilities: - Chair the intergovernmental committee (mostly through email communications) - Attend SGA meetings and serve on the election agency - Monitor Federal and State Policy - Serve on the committee for student organizations - Hold office hours Skills required: Good communication and writing skills Time required: 5-6 hours, weekly average
Kevin Coughlin
Description: - To aid the President during meetings and ensure Robert Rules of Order are followed - To make any necessary edits or additions to the by laws as needed by the general assembly - To be Chair of the By-Laws Committee Time commitment: In an average week I spend approximately 2-3 hours taking care of GPSGA duties, however some weeks are longer when a by-law needs revision