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Exit Cards
PIDP 3260 Feedback Strategies Digital Project
Exit cards require students to answer particular questions on a piece of paper that is turned in before they leave the class. Exit cards allow the teacher to collect students’ responses and plan accordingly for the next class session, differentiating for the abilities and understanding of different students.
What are Exit Cards?
The Exit Slip strategy is used to help students: - process new concepts - reflect on information learned - express their thoughts about new information
Best Practices
Be prepared with the tools needed for the exercise
Allocate enough time for students to respond
Have students' questions written down so they can reference visually at the next lesson
Pros and Cons
Minimal preparation time Minimal resources required Immediate feedback Students can give opinion without feeling pressure
Students may choose not to respond for various reasons You may not get to respond to every students' entries Scope of assessment is limited
Feedback should be provided right away usually at the beginning of the next lesson Have the entries written on the board or on handouts to reference easily Allocate time for entries to be discussed amongst the class
Providing Feedback
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