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I would first like to start by thanking you for taking part of your summer - especially after the winter we've had! - to spend time with us.  So welcome to EDUC 839 Educational Policy and Governance! We are spending 7 weeks together learning about educational policy, both in terms of processes and specific issues.  The upside of spending beautiful, sunny, summer weeks with us is that the course will be delivered
entirely online!  That means that you can focus on the coursework and engage with your peers from your vacation home, yacht, or (for many of us) the kiddie pool in the back yard.
Monday June 6:   Our Official Start, So Let's Get Ready!
On Monday, June 8 our session officially starts, but I strongly recommend getting a head start on the course by exploring the Canvas site and completing Module 0 ahead of time.  This way you are familiar with the organization of the course (all by modules), the tools of the course (on the main menu), and the expectations for learning (found everywhere!).  The site is live as of Friday June 5, so take advantage of the extra time to get off on the right foot!
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Who We Are
Don't forget to introduce yourself on the introductions discussion board!
Tip: Complete Module 0 over the weekend so you are ready to get working on Module 1 on Day 1!
Your Instructor Dr. Kirsten Hill Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
5 things to know ahead of time
          1.  This course will be delivered online asynchronously, meaning there will be no required meetings in person or at a specific time. 2. This is a 3-credit course delivered in a condensed format.  This does not mean less work (nor does online mean less work!), but condensed work.  Please be prepared to spend about 8-10 hours per week reading, discussing, and completing assignments.   3.  We will be using Canvas ( as the learning management system for this course.  ALL course information and resources will be organized and available through the Canvas site.   4.  The course is organized by modules.  Modules are organized by week and designed to be completed between Monday (the start of our week) and Sunday (the close of our week and due date for assignments).   5.  The instructor's job is to create opportunities for engagement and structure the course to facilitate your individual and collective learning. However, in an asynchronous environment, you must be diligent about time management and take responsibility for engaging with the course materials and your peers.
By the Numbers
Size of most discussion groups
Modules to learn about policy
Module to prepare for online learning