Three Types of Volcanoes

published by Dr. Sergey Tkachev

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Three Types of Volcanoes
Shield Volcano - is the largest volcano
Stratovolcano - is the most common of volcano types
Cinder Cone Volcano - is monogenetic because it usually
erupts only once
Shield Volcano
A shield volcano is large in size and has a gentle slope resembling
The lava from a shield volcano has a low viscosity, so the lava
flows rapidly and travels the greatest of distances.
layers (strata) of high viscosity magma and volcanic ash.
A stratovolcano gets its name from the cone being built up by
Cinder Cone Volcano
A cinder cone volcano is usually formed on the side of a shield or
 Since a cinder cone volcano usually erupts only 
once, it is made from pyroclastic debris.
a warriors shield.