The New UNMJobs

published by Elizabeth Sandlin

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If you’re posting or looking for a job through UNM’s job site, get ready for a new look and enhanced features! On April 3, 2017, the applicant tracking and hiring system, UNMJobs, will begin showcasing a significant update of its services. Behind the scenes, a whole new software package will be guiding the experience of job applicants, hiring managers, search committees, and employment transaction areas.
The new UNMJobs focuses on talent management and people management to increase hiring efficiency at UNM, maximize employer and employee productivity, and align with the UNM2020 Vision to become a destination university for personal and career achievement. “UNMJobs 2.0 strives to meet Goal One of the UNM Strategic Plan, which is to Become a Destination University. A modern application and hiring system puts our best foot forward in showcasing what UNM has to offer as a competitive, top choice employer.” - Dorothy Anderson VP of Human Resources
The New UNMJobs
A New Talent Management System for UNM
Training and BAR Role Requests
UNMJobs 2.0 Project Page
Open Lab Sessions
•  New modernized look and feel •  Ability to apply to multiple jobs with the same or modified application •  See status of all applications at one time •  Create an applicant profile to be used when applying for different jobs •  Mobile friendly •  Dashboards summarize and streamline application or task statuses •  Electronic offer letters •  Option for electronic reference checks •  Faster posting turnaround time •  Recruiting Resources provides easy access to Help features •  Easier approval requisition routing. You may establish one or more    approvers before it routes to your employment area for final approval.
Due to the upcoming payroll run, you are advised not to submit BAR requests from March 30 - April 3. Current BAR roles need to be re-approved and many take overnight to be activated. Therefore, your time approver role may not be active in time to approve your timesheets.
Future System Use
A Performance Management module is the next portion of the system to be developed. It will be used to create competencies and identify skills required for goal attainment. Additionally, it will create tools for supervisors to measure talent (e.g., reports and data analysis, both custom and delivered).
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