Macedon Public Library 2016 Annual Report

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Macedon Public Library: 2016 Annual Report
The dark green part of the wheel shows how many items we sent to other libraries last year.  The white part shows how many items we borrowed from other libraries in the system. (mouse over to see numerical data)
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How many books are kids and adults reading? (mouse over the bars to see)
We are part of the Pioneer Library System and we share!
Our Expenditures
System Fees
OUR REVENUES: Last year the library's revenues totaled $264,360, and our expenses totaled $289,809.  Costs for payroll due to minimum wage increases and increases in benefit costs took a toll. To purchase new materials, we pulled from the remainder of a reserve created in 2002.
Hover over the white bars to see the amount spent in each budget area.
Youth Literature
Adult Literature
LIBRARY HOURS: Monday through Thursday: 10 am until 8 pm Friday and Saturday: 1 pm until 5 pm The library is closed on Sundays. The library is open 48 hours per week.
Library Staffing: Full time employees: 3 (one will be retiring in June 2017) Part-time Employees: 7 80% of our employees have graduated college. 70% of our employees are at the current minimum wage ($9.70) or within $3 of it. We are staffed by the equivalent of 5 full time employees.  We rank 6th in the  Pioneer Library System for circulation of materials.
We are more than just books... The library circulates all sorts of items beyond books such as: DVDs, music CDs, preloaded ipod shuffles, ipads, videogames, a banjo, a guitar, rubber stamps, paper dolls, a sled and even a bread machine!   Last year we circulated 33,906 non-book items.
Macedon Public Library offers a wide variety of programming to community members of all ages.  
Programming Statistics
CHILDREN:  We offered 384 programs attended by 5,405 children.
TEENS:  We offered 79 programs attended by 615 teens.
ADULTS:  We offered 249 programs attended by 2,887 adults.
The Macedon Public Library keeps statistics on how many people visit the library daily.  Here's how many people came each month of the year.  In 2016, 75,764 people visited the library.
Let's Count People!
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75,764 visits in 2016
On average, over 200 people walk through our door daily.
Nearly 12% of visits were made by people attending programs.