Enhancing with e-Ports

published by Chelsea Hoke

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Get Started
Following the 5 steps below will ensure successful implementation of classroom e-Portfolios while fostering a pleasant experience for the students as well as the teachers.  
5 Steps to Successful e-Portfolios
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What is an e-Portfolio?
A solid understanding of what an e-Portfolio is, how it can be used, and why it is beneficial to our students will be the foundation of learning.
Through collaboration and colleague engagement, instructors will discuss, identify, and explore the various benefits of e-Portfolios in the classroom.
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Design Your Own
Engaging in active learning will give a more in-depth understanding of the full potential of e-Portfolios.
Focus on ownership, personalization, and individual goals throughout the design process. By experimenting with various platforms, a variety of tools, and an assortment of techniques, not only will we gain a higher level of confidence, but we will also gain extensive knowledge to share with our students.
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Effective Blogging
Blogs can be an extremely beneficial tool to include with the e-Portfolios; however, effective blog prompts are an instrumental tool to help spark ideas, narrow a focus area, and jump-start the bloggers.
Embrace the idea of quality over quantity when it comes to classroom blogging.
Career e-Portfolios
Ultimate Goal as an Instructor... To help our students achieve their dreams. Ultimate Goal as a Student... To land their dream job using their new degree.
Evidence of Learning for Future Employers
Hands on Learning
Collaborative Teamwork
Digital e-Portfolio
By creating a digital space to collect, organize, and showcase our work, we are also creating a compilation of learning activities and experiences to showcase  
Networking and Sharing
Collaboration is key for teaching and learning.
Sharing ideas and information with your colleagues, teammates, classmates, boss, students, and anyone else is an extremely beneficial asset to learning and growth. Focus on the idea that sharing is a two-way street, and we can always learn something from everyone!