March Monthly Review

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A Month in Special Collections
Ongoing Projects
NEDCC metadata: 598 negatives identified and described (Grand total: 10193/ 23382 scans) SRT scanning: 148 folders (2360 pages) scanned
New in the Archives
Manuscript Collections
MS 484. Wendell Potter Collection of Joske's Materials MS 486. Mexican Spirits Collection MS 485. Datapoint Collection
University Archives
UA 16.01.04 UTSA. University Communications and Marketing Audiovisual Records
Rare Books
Bitter Chocolate / Julie Chen; with illustrations by Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder
MS 22. Women's Overseas Service League Records MS 452. Southwest Voter Registration Education Project MS 393. Henry E. Catto Papers MS 242. San Antonio Ephemera
Bitter chocolate // Julie Chen with illustrations by Keri Miki-lani Schroeder. Sutherland Springs, Texas: Saratoga on the Cibolo // Richard B. McCaslin. Self-portrait with dogwood // Christopher Merrill. St. Sucia Pan de Acambro // Emma M. Aguado Lopez. Mexican dream and other compositions // Barbara Gonzalez Cigarroa. Cantinas tradicionales de Queretaro: un manual del buen comer y del buen beber // Sergio Hernandez Saucedo. Lo gourmet de la banqueta: Queretaro-Mexico // Sergio Hernandez Saucedo. Sand Sheet // Arturo Longoria. Bocados de Angeles: cuentes, leyendas y recetas // Martha Porras. A la mesa con Ruben Dario // Sergio Ramirez. Death watch: a view from the tenth decade // Gerald Stern. Recetario minimo de Colima // Juan Diego Suarez Davila. Nature watch big Bend: a seasonal guide // Lynne Weber and Jim Weber. Tides: the science and spirit of the ocean // Jonathon White.
“Bitter Chocolate is an exploration of chocolate through the lenses of fact, fiction and culture. The book weaves together a fictional mythological narrative with historical facts and the artist’s own personal experiences to create a portrait of chocolate that is both lyrical and unsettling. The Jacob’s ladder structure allows for four distinct presentations of content. The book is first unfolded into accordion format, presenting the reader with visual and written content on each side. Then the page panels can be flipped over within the hinge straps that connect them revealing the second half of the content. The full meaning and impact of the story is only revealed when all four parts of the content are discovered and read.” - Julie Chen
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