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How do you select your charity?
Women were much better at responding to the survey than men. Which leads us to believe they care for the world more... either that or they're better at using technology.
Women rule
The largest group was in the age bracket 25-34, followed by 35-44. The low number of 60+ responders is more likely as a result of where we promoted the survey (mainly social media) rather than their interest...we hope.
Women preferred Roots of Health while Men chose equally between Quidan Kaisahan and Roots of Health   More men chose Save the Children than women.....
IMPACT was the people's most important category at 63%
...but men felt stronger about it than women. Of the other categories women were more likely to choose INCLUSION and INTEGRITY than men, who would chose INTENT
Regardless of category the two key factors that people said was most important in their decision making were "The chart" and "the number of people the organisation supported"
55% of repondents overall said "The Chart" was the most important factor, followed by "The number of people supported" at 29%
- Budget divided by number of people supported  - Cost vs number supported - No one factor.  I was looking at the balance of impact and integrity.  I'm not concern by the first two factors.  At the last point I consider the effectiveness in the use of funds (beneficiaries) vs. staff. - The size and funding (if they are smaller but have had success with helping people, I want to donate so they can reach more people) - The ratio of # of staff and expense to # of people helped - that beneficiaries, partners and staff all felt they were making positive change - The equal distribution of Inclusion, Impact, Integrity and Intent. And also the small size of the charity, which to me implies less overheads and funds going via more direct routes to where it is needed
Some of the "Other" responses
So who switched?
Just over 1 in 10 people eventually chose Save the Children after having selected either Quidan Kaisahan or Roots of Health in their previous answers
...of these...
...and of those...
1 in 2 people who chose Quidan Kaisahan (Charity B) in their first choice eventually switched
7 out of 10 people who chose Roots of Health (Charity A) in their first choice remained with them
30% of people who chose Save the Children (Charity C) in their first choice remained with them
Who stayed true?
By their final choice, respondents of the of QK and RoH felt the chart was most important, while those who selected Save were more interested in "the number of people supported" and "brand"
Based on the CATEGORY that was most important to respondents, while IMPACT was generally accepted as being important Save the Children respondents felt INTEGRITY was equally important
Finally we asked, if this information existed today would you trust a local organisation enough to donate them money?
THANK YOU!!... everyone who took the time to take our survey and give us feedback.  This has given us some great insight into what is important to you and we hope to integrate these learnings into our platform this year. If you're interested in keeping in touch you can follow us on Facebook, via website or just say "hello" via email.