Forgot Facebook Password Recovery in 3 Easy Steps

published by Lisamoris

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Forgot Facebook Password Recovery in 3 Easy Steps
“I can’t recall my Facebook password; how can I recover it?” We have an easiest Facebook password recovery solution for you. Yes; this is as easy as 1-2-3 and done!
See, how to recover.
1 – Go to Facebook Log-in page You need to use your correct email address in the given space and click on “Forgotten Account?” But if you already tried it then will show to next window. “The password you have entered is incorrect. Forgotten Password?”; here click on “Forgotten Password? Or Recover your account.”
“How would you like to reset your password?” Now you will be directed to password recovery page; you need to select from given options. And then click on “Continue.” You will get a recovery code on your register mobile number or alternative email address. Use this code in the given space to reset your password.
2 – Select you recovery option
Here you can reset your Facebook password. Make sure to write a strong and secure password. That’s all!
3 – Reset password