Email Comcast: Shortcuts & Some Tips

published by Lisamoris

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Email Comcast: Shortcuts & Some Tips
No matter how frequent you use your email but the load-time will be annoying if it is more than your expectation. We want our email to work quickly while sending and receiving emails; here Comcast is fastest than other email service provider. We are giving you some amazing shortcuts and tips for to you which you haven’t explored yet with your Comcast email.
Use Quotations (" ") to search If you are searching for something specific in your email then use quotations around entire phrase or words to get exact match.
Use search operators You can use search operators to give your search a specific direction using semi colon. from: [email protected] has: attachment/phone/location filename: birthday.png Under: sent
Use Calendar reminder – Tips to set reminder • Simply click on the event for you want to set reminder • Here from the Reminders line and click on Edit Reminders • Then set the reminder type and time • And click on Save This will remind you for the event occurrence
Use right-click You can easily search all the emails from a particular email address but right clicking on that particular address, From column of your inbox and then click on Search