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Topics on Teaching and Learning
How to leverage Personal Technology in the Classroom
Meghan McAllister PIDP 3240 June 2017
From The Naked Classroom text book.
Question: As an instructor what do you do with the technology that students bring to class such as laptops and cell phones?
FACT: Students don't multitask-they switch tasks very quickly!
FACT: Getting students to stop using technology is very difficult to do!
FACT: It is very hard to truly enforce rules around the use of technology!
1. Respect students enough to make a class interesting and worth the time to stop texting; make class interactive and engaging!
2. Make some use of technology in class but have consistent policies. Show that you "get it". 
3. Make a contract with students to turn off all technology periodically and encourage them to just think and be present; focused dialogue and reflection without distractions is an important lesson.
Bowen, Jose Antonio. Teaching Naked. How Moving Technology out of your College Classroom will improve student learning. Jossey-Bass, 2012. p. 208-211.