Weight-cutting in combat sports

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Weight-Cutting in combat sports
Analysis based on informal online survey conducted by Chris Madaffer between March 22 and April 4, 2017 among 320 respondents.
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Those who believe weight-cutting to be a health risk are in the minority
Of the 20% who felt weight-cutting was a health risk:
        56.9% were Martial Artists 10.77% were Boxers 32.3% were Wrestlers
Have you experienced a health risk during weight-cutting?
Diet 60% Martial Artists 16.4% Boxers 21.8% Wrestlers Dehydration 62.8% Martial Artists 10.3% Boxers 25.7% Wrestlers Re-hydration 70.5% Martial Artists 3% Boxers 26.4% Wrestlers
Challenges to weight-cutting (diet, dehydration or rehydration)
Photo sources: Intro slide-- CCO Public Domain