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2017 U.S. Civil Aviation Maintenance Employment by State
Percent of Total Construction & Manufacturing Payrolls (Nonfarm)
The U.S. civil aviation maintenance sector employs more than 277,392 people. Maintenance, repair and overhaul activity at FAA-certificated repair stations and airlines accounts for 75.3 percent with 210,193 employees; repair stations are the largest employers with 186,410 employees. There are almost eight times more people working for FAA-certificated repair stations in the United States than there are mechanics working for airlines.  More than 67,000 Americans are involved in aviation parts manufacturing and distribution.
Sources: ARSA's 2017 Global Fleet & MRO Market Assessment by Oliver Wyman;                Employees on nonfarm payrolls by state and selected industry sector, seasonally adjusted. February 2017. U.S. Bureau of Labor                Statistics;
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