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Research Skills
Remember to focus your topic. You can achieve a focused topic by narrowing a general subject to a specific area of interest. For example, if the subject area is "Domestic Violence" then you will need to narrow and focus the subject.
Focusing Your  Topic
Considering the large quantity of information presented on the Internet, you will need to be able to recognize authoritative sources of information. Web sites belonging to governments (.gov), organisations (.org), such as UNESCO, or the UN and educational institutions (.edu),all provide authoritative information. However, be careful when using commercial sites distinguished by .com.
Selecting Authoritative Sources
"AND"  Narrows your search.  Example: cat AND dog 
"OR"  Expands your search. Example: (cat OR feline) (dog OR canine)  
"NOT" Is used cautiously to eliminate unwanted terms from your search. Example: Persian cats NOT Siamese cats 
Boolean Operators
Citing and Referencing
Plagiarism is a serious offence. Therefore, when you quote, paraphrase or summarize, from a book, journal, or Web site you must cite the source of the information in the body of your research paper. 
Remember that all the sources cited in the body of your paper must be referenced in alphabetical order on a separate page, at the end of your research paper.