American High School SC PRO 2017 Copy

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American High School
School Counseling Program Profile 2016-2017
36300 Fremont Blvd., Fremont , CA 94536 (510) 796-1776
Principal's Message
Steven Musto
Our school counseling team is committed to the school’s mission of providing a safe and cultivating learning environment that challenges students to reach their highest potential. The team works hard to support all students in academic, career, and personal and emotional development. We provide a positive environment for students to explore life after high school and opportunities to practice skills that are relevant in today’s competitive society. They collaborate with students and their families to ensure that student needs for information are met.
College & Career Readiness
School counselors meet with all tenth grade students individually to discuss post-graduate options and courses that align with their interests and career aspirations. School counselors answer any questions students may have and all tenth grade students, as a result, leave the meeting with a completed academic four-year plan .  Our counselors' diligence in monitoring course planning has contributed to an increase in graduation rates.
During the 2016-2017 school year, 91% of all 9th grade students completed the Career Cluster Finder and 81% of all 10th grade students completed the "Do What You Are" interest inventory. As a result of early exposure to career exploration, students identify their academic goals and select courses that are relevant to their goals. In 2016, 64.5% of seniors met California A-G college admission requirements which makes them eligible to enter a four-year college.
Our Achievements
The counseling team holds multiple Parent Chats for different grades throughout the year to ensure parents receive up-to-date information regarding their students' college/career development.
46% of students in 2016 took AP exams and 75% of them scored a 3 or higher.
All 11th grade students participate in Junior Jumpstart workshops and presentations held by the counseling team to support their college selection process.
Students are invited to attend meetings with representatives from a multitude of universities, allowing students to ask questions and make more informed decisions. Some students attend college campus tours.
The counseling team ensures that students are placed in the appropriate classes during the registration period by presenting the college A-G requirements and high school graduation requirements.
Seven students participated in a "Stress Less" group facilitated by our school counseling intern. At the end of seven sessions, they shared that they were more confident of their coping skills to deal with stress.
Our Team
School Counselors
School Psychologist
Support Staff
Principal- Steven Musto
Assistant Principal- Megan Barrington
Assistant Principal- Amanda Melsby
Assistant Principal- Rob Reibenschuh
Suzanne Ayriss
Teri Sorensen
Sarah Nahigian
Bonnie Ronkainen
Special Programs Counselor- Karen Recar
College/Career Specialist- Theresa D'Audney
Counseling Intern- Jennifer Yu
Amanda Garcia
1.5 years; BA, American School Counselors Association, CA Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists
School Secretary- Sheri Erickson
Registrar- Susan Dunsford
18 years; BA, PPS, Western Association of School Counselors
18 years; BA, MS, Administrative Services Credential, Single-Subject Teaching Credential; Association of California School Administrators, Fremont Schools Management Association
12 years; Human Resources Certificate
6 years; BA, MA, PPS, American School Counselors Association
8 years; A.A in Recreation,   California School Employees Association
15 years; BA, MA, PPS    
4.5 years; B.S, M.S, Certified Bilingual   National Association of School Psychologists
4 years; BA, MA, PPS  
13 years; BA, MA, Administrative Services Credential, Single-Subject Teaching Credential
12 years; BA, MA, Administrative Services Credential
17 years; BA, MA, Administrative Services Credential
10 years; B.A
Our Partners and Programs
Advancement via Individual Determination course work is preparing students for college readiness and success
Interested in being a partner to our school? Please contact our Principal Steven Musto at (510) 796-1776, ext. 57210
The City of Fremont Human Services Department provides a Fremont Family Resource Center which offers counseling services, parent education workshops, crisis intervention, schoolsite counseling, and alcohol and drug early intervention services.
Family Connection by Naviance is a web-based program designed to assist students and parents in college and career planning. The Counseling Department and Career Center can track data specific to the school. Also, the website is a great way to share resources related to colleges and careers.
Fremont Rotary's Eagle Nest of Honor Program honors a student or staff member each month who exemplifies the Rotary motto of Service Above Self. Honorees will receive a gift basket, recognition and a video highlighting their contributions.
City of Fremont Explorer Programs offer opportunities for students to explore the field of law enforcement and fire service in a safe, fun and particapatory way. Students can take part in monthly trainings, meetings, and community involvement projects.
The Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program provides career training for a wide variety of high tech careers such as Auto Technology, Pharmacy Tech, and Digital Sound Design. Classes are free for high school students and there are buses to transport them to the campus. Some courses are eligible for Ohlone College credit.
The Ohlone Career Technical Education (CTE) program offers the opportunity for high school students to take courses that can earn them college credit. The program promotes academic execllence as well as career preparation.
California State University, East Bay A School Counseling graduate student from the university is on-site to provide counseling services to students under the supervision of a credentialed school counselor.
[email protected]
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by Jennifer Yu, California State University, East Bay counseling graduate student intern.
School Information Sources
Our Website
(510) 796-1776
Fax: (510) 791-5331
Suzanne Ayriss- Ext. 57211 Teri Sorensen- Ext. 57261 Sarah Nahigian- Ext. 57220 Bonnie Ronkainen- Ext. 57607 Karen Recar- Ext. 57248 Theresa D'Audney- Ext. 57408
Funding for the publication of the Profile was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning.