Life outside of Earth

published by Ethan Robert Eichberger

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Is there life outside of Earth?
Life outside out earth has always been a topic of interest of the world. The first UFO citing was in 1639 and has sparked an interest all around the world ever since. This was a new idea to society since the airplane wasn't invented until 1903. After technology advance, we went to the skies for answers. We started with telescopes but that could only show us so much. When then launched space telescopes like the Kepler Telescope and then we started to find answers. The Kepler Telescope then discovered Trappist-1. Every mission of new life has brought back a little more information each time that makes us believe that we are not alone. These pieces of information is like like a puzzle. The only problem, we don't know how many many pieces this puzzle is. We could find the answer tomorrow or it could take 100 years. We do not know yet but the little piece of information keeps our interest high and keep the believe of Aliens an idea of interest.
Why do we believe that there are other forms of life outside of Earth?
Finding life outside of earth would be the discovery of a life time. We are destroying are own planet and finding life on another planet will give hope that we can live somewhere else. Somewhere else is still not determined yet but we have found many Earth like planets that one day we hope we could soon live on. Every quest for life has not come back a failed mission. Every mission allows us to find more and more about the never ending universe we live in and search for life at the same time! Every trip has brought back information like that the biggest moon around Jupiter has signs that rivers used to flow on it. Every new discovery is a piece of the puzzle for the never ending search for other life.
Why is it important to find life outside of earth?
Exoplanets- Planets that are outside our Solar system
Habitable Zone- where water can pool on the surface of a planet
3 words to know
Orbital resonance- Each other orbital periods  are relied on by a ratio of whole number
Earth is the only planet we know to this day that has life on it. To this day, we have found planets in Habitable zones and planets that once had rivers on them but no planet as complex as planet earth. Earth has flowing water, protective atmosphere and much more to be able to host life forms.
Trappist-1 is the best hope we have for life outside out earth so far. Trappist-1 is a exoplanet system outside of the Milky way. In this Exoplanet system, every planet is earth sized. Many of those planets are in habitual zones and that is a recipe for Alien life. The only problem is that "they orbit in extremely tight circles around their star, compared to the planets in our solar system. Scientists have determined that the six inner planets are in what’s known as orbital resonance"  (Sarah Pruitt,3)
Earth vs. Earth like Planets
As you can see, Earth is a very rare and extraordinary planet. Finding a planet that has life on it would be one of the great discovery of century. The closest we have gotten to find earth has been Trappist-1 which is a exoplanet system that every planet in the system is earth sized. This is the best   and closest discovery to life outside of Earth. We are discovering so much more about the Universe on this adventure of new life. Almost every Star has a planet orbiting around it. Scientist predicted that there are more Star's then grains of sand on Earth. What are the odds that only one Star hosts a planet with life on It?