Human Trafficking- Jay Taylor

published by Jayson Robert Taylor

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The Effects of Human Trafficking
Jay Taylor
What Is Human Trafficking?
The action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.
What Does This Mean?
This means that people are kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery/prostitution or into hard labor against their will. It is a modern day from of slavery.
Where Does It Happen?
Human Trafficking happens all over the world in many countries. It doesn't just happen in poor 3rd world countries, but happens just as much in wealthier 1st world countries, such as the US.
How Does Human Trafficking Affect A Person?
Human Trafficking has drastic effects on it's victims, none of them good. Human Trafficking causes a number of effects on a victim's overall mental and physical health.
Mental Health Effects of Human Trafficking
Because of the trauma victims experience, they often develop very serious mental health issues. Depression and suicidal thoughts are very common among victims, as well as major anxiety and even PTSD. Many victims feel they can\t talk about their experiences as well due to lack of understanding and help in society
Physical Effects 0f Human Trafficking
Many victims experiences physical abuse from their captives. It is very common for a victim to have broken bones, bruises, physically disabled sometimes (Such as a broken leg that never healed properly), concussions, and other serious medical issues. Victims are often tied up, chained to a wall, or kept in cells.