Self Development

published by Carlos Armando Artalejo

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Guide To Self Improvement
Follow the path of success and happiness
Does happiness of an individual stem from self improvement? While there is not a concrete answer to that question, you can clearly follow the path of developing your own self spiritually and physically to improve your life in many aspects, including happiness; rather I discover that it varies from person to person, but still it is important to discover all this tools that exist that can definitely help us in achieving our goals while being happy such as the following:
 Self Awareness
We often lie to ourselves about progress that is made on out goals. If you are serious about getting better in something, you need to be self aware of the situation before you improve. If you are not self aware and focused on what you are currently working to achieve, it would be very hard to change your bad habits, as well as that probabilities of success will decrease drastically. some tools you can implement are: -Workout journals -Daily video taping yourself -Time management -Talking with someone that truly caresabout you
Another way you can improve your life is through the use of meditation. Meditation is being in a state of mind without agitation and stress, therefore taking a moment a day that do not produces stress is extremely beneficial, stress is something that everyone of us deal with every day that can even prevent us of being productive. some benefits of meditation are: -Improves concentration -It encourages a healthy lifestyle -increases self awareness -increases the level of acceptance -Cardiovascular and immune health benefits
Inspiration It is critical to stay motivated, if you are not interested on reaching your goals, your inspiration levels will never be high enough for you to be able to sustain your goals.
Setting goals Short and long term goals are a vital part of when it comes to success. The first thing you need to have is a purpose and specialize in one thing at a time. You can use a to do list to start organizing your goals and remember to take some time to prepare a well organized plan.
Networking Another key is networking or surrounding yourself with people that share similar goals and values with you, which will help to not only gain even more knowledge, but also you will continue to stay motivated.
  Keys to Self Improvement
-Having the sense of gratitude -Executing joy -Accepting responsibility -Setting goals -Wanting others to succeed  
-Criticizing -Holding grudge -Fear of change -Never setting goals -Having the sense of entitlemetn
What are your common practices?
I discovered that self improvement is the development of one's knowledge, status, or character by your own means. It is the search to make ourselves better in as many aspects as possible. Of course it takes an enormous amount of time, but in the end what truly makes us happy and what we have to learn is that enjoyment of the process.
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