What defines someones happiness

published by Ivan Calderon

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what defines someones happiness.
Happiness, its what everyone is striving for in life.
the world is set up that majority of the people can't live wealthy. What ends up happening, we as people we idolize those people that have it all we call them celebrities. According to Mr. Jermaine he considers that we don't really need all that materialistic items to make us happy, it is those who you choose to surround yourself with that will make you happy.     
Finding happiness
The happiness of someone can form a number of ways and may mean a completely different thing to everyone. Matthieu Ricard, In The Christian Century is a French cellular geneticist who gave it up to become a monk. Ricard very optimistic about things, Ricard thinks that the real key to happiness lies within the individual and is not dependent about the fortune.    
Behind every smile
Chasing fortune wont get you happiness. If you do go after money, chances are that you will end up miserable
Do something you love. Doing something you love will probably make you satisfied and happy. Difference between this person and the money person is this person is most likely happy
Surround yourself with positive energy, never complain about anything. Don't whine about grind about it
don't think money is the most important thing in life. Appreciate what you have  
self improvement is a good thing as well as staying true to yourself and forgetting what anyone thinks       
keys to happiness