How to make schools safer

published by Timothy Daniel Medina

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How can we make schools a safer place?
Schools in the U.S.
Many students struggle the problem of bullying and are faced with the adversities that are brought upon them by other individuals
Of students from the ages of 12-18 are bullied in school
The problem with modern day society is that many schools arent taking safety as their number one priority, with this being said, there are many safety precautions that should be taken for the school itself and the students who attend the school.
Addressing the Problem
Steps to Achieve safety
1. Help eliminate bullying by helping those in need instead of being a bystander. 2. Train teachers to teach kids what are right and what is wrong 3. Teach kids smart social skills to help communicate with others 4. Teachers should enforce the school rules on their students that are mandatory 5. Schools need well-designed disaster preparedness plans that are familiar to staff and students and that have been practiced regularly for school safety.
Once all of these safety precautions are taken into action, your school will be 100x more safer than it was before.