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Survey on digital researcher practicals ad skills interested or implied in Digital Humanities projects
The survey was conducted in 2013, between June 3rd, and October, 30th.  106 exploitable surveys  
Olivier Le Deuff / Coline Blot 2014 
Which expression would you prefer? 
Do you think that being a researcher/ teacher is evolving ?
Do you think that digital humanities entails an epistemological change ?
Can you name a researcher whom you consider to be exemplary of Digital Humanities ?
Can you name a book wich you consider to be exemplary of DH ?
DEBATES IN DIGITAL HUMANITIES is the reference book.
It was difficult to get round the famous question: “Do we need to learn programming languages?”. Importance of code seems to be recognized by the majority, but it’s more a relative one.
What kind of training would be useful to researchers?
Do you think computer or web programming is an essential skill, to understand and work on DH?
Have you ever used these data processing and visualisation tools?
Which types of writings and scientific productions should be more appreciated for professionnal evaluation?
Are you a regular user of these social networks?
At what level of training do you think we should begin to include training for DH ?
The majority voted in Twitter
Are you a regular user of these monitoring, research and sharing tools?
Do you manage a blog or a research notebook?
Are you a regular user of these academic social networks ? If so, thank you to tick the boxes.
Find and download the rest of the results on the research notebook You are free to quote and reuse the results