how was the earth made?

published by Cade Michael Hughes

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How Was The Earth Made?
By Cade Hughes
The earth just like many other planets is one of a kind, but in this presentation you will see what makes it so special. during these next few pages you will see the different stages the earth went through.
The earth was made about 4.6 billion years ago from a collection of giant disk like clouds and floating dust that collected over time. These materials condensed together to make a our sphere shaped earth. during this process, gravity caused high amounts of friction between the rocks and dust causing extreme amounts of heat. The result left our earth looking like a small sun burning with fire at over 2,000 degrees
stage 1, Earths birth
As our earth burned for millions of years it was deprived of oxygen leaving the water droplets in the atmosphere to cool and settle. As you can guess the only place these water and ice droplets could go was down due to earths gravity. so the same H2O that was burned off earth was the same water that cooled and fell back to earth to cool it. this massive rainfall lasted a staggering 200 million years. this massive rainfall is the result of our oceans.
stage 2, The Cooling Process
stage 3, meteor showers
After the earth became one big ocean it experienced a defining moment in history, its first meteor shower. for roughly 10 million years the earth came in contact with meteors ranging from the size of pebbles to the size of buildings. this downpour heated the earth back up again due to the extreme temperatures of the meteors. these rocks contained minerals and metals that we find today. Also these showers gave us our land masses.
stage 4, Signs of life
This is the point in time where the earth takes a turn for the better. The earth for the first time ever starts to see signs of life. the earth is about 3.6 billion years old now, and it is gifted with single cell prokaryote bacterias. these little guys will flourish in the oceans for about 570 million years, until they evolved into anthropods and cyanobacterias which produced oxygen into the air. resulting in the evolution of small fish about 530 million years later.
stage 5, Homo sapiens
Over the next 3 billion years the earth goes through 6 extinctions and many cycles of life including plants, animals and insects. But now a new life rises, the era of the primates. primates at the time were the highest intelligence animal to ever live. But over time the earth changes and becomes a more unsuitable region for some primates. As evolution takes its course the primates are forced to move to survive, moving over flat grass lands where some learned to walk more upright. As hundreds of generations are passed down a more man looking figure is made. This astonishing coincidence is the result of the cavemen. Through the next 200,000 years the homo sapien will play with its gifts and grow into an extremely intelligent product. Studies show that we share 98% of our blood DNA with primates making this idea of evolution a piece of evidence.