published by Anthony Vincent Litwicki

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Why Ocean Exploration is Beneficial
By: Anthony Litwicki
The oceans of Earth are very important and interesting for many reasons. They provide food and materials that are parts of everyday human life. What is very surprising is that not much research has been done on the oceans. There is so much more to learn down under.
People started exploring the oceans many years ago when they were first discovered. People discovered that fish were a good source of food and that they were fairly easy to catch. Later on, people developed boats and started discovering the deep blue sea and that there is much more than beaches and little fish. A French scientist by the name of Pierre Simon de Laplace used tidal motions to figure out the average depth of the oceans. He found out that the average depth was a surprising thirteen thousand feet deep! This lead to many scientists doing more research on the deeper parts later on. Many people did not think that life could live at the deeper depths of the ocean until in the mid eighteen hundreds a Stalked Crinoid was discovered dead from a depth of ten thousand two hundred feet. This lead into even more intrest on what lives below.
History of Ocean Exploration
The oceans cover precisely seventy one percent of the worlds surface. Humans have only explored five percent of the entire ocean, most of that exploration has been in shallow areas. Since the oceans are so deep there much more to be learned from them. The deepest trench in the ocean has a depth of thirty six thousand feet and no man or robot has ever went down it yet. We know close to nothing about the oceans and what they could provide in the future to come. The bottom of most of the trenches are less explored than the surface of the moon. This shows that there could much to learn from the oceans.
What we Know
The oceans provide us with lots of food because of the vast amounts of species's that thrive below. Plants and animals are harvested all over the oceans
There are insane amounts of microbes living in the sea that help regulate toxins and process waste particles. This also regulates the climates of earth.
Many fuel companies drill into the ocean floor because of the mass amounts of oil below. Most of the oil for fuel now comes from off shore drilling.
Why its Important
Space Exploration Benefits: -Could find a better planet for  humans -Helps us better understand the vast universe around us -Would create more jobs if it was a better funded area. -Could lead to many revolutionary discoveries in time
Ocean Exploration Benefits: -More reasonable than space exploration. -Not much is known about the oceans - Could be the answer to a new renewable energy source -As technology increases houses could be built in the oceans and could be the answer to overpopulated land -Oceans are easier to study than space due to our current technology
Future of Ocean Exploration and Why its more rewarding than space exploration
Overall at this day an age ocean exploration could be extremely beneficial to human life in lots of ways. Many people think that space exploration is the answer to everything but they often forget that ninety five percent of the oceans lay untouched and even unseen by humans. The oceans may be our answer to many of the problems humanity is facing right now. Humans could be living underwater in the next century and using some new form of renewable energy. The oceans are right on our planet so there is no long travel times compared to space. Until we figure out how to travel at the speed of light or faster we must use our current resources and environments to look for answers because there is so much more to be learned from the planet we live on.