F5H Community Report 2016

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Annual Community Report 2016
Strengthening Children, Families and Community
This report to our Humboldt community describes the work that First 5 Humboldt and our partners have been doing to nurture young children and their families during the last year. Our county is rich in people and agencies that are committed to helping children and families be healthy and successful. Humboldt County also faces unique challenges. Many Humboldt County residents are affected by historical and intergenerational trauma. With Mendocino County, Humboldt has the highest percentage of residents with Adverse Childhood Experiences.  These experiences are associated with serious lifetime health outcomes, as well as life success indicators such as incarceration and unemployment.  Likewise, we have the highest percentage of children in California with identified special needs, and a child abuse or neglect report rate that is 50% higher than California’s rate. Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” from adversity. First 5 Humboldt invests in programs and services that focus on prevention and on fostering resilience. We support families and services by promoting the Five Protective Factors, which are associated with resilience and healthy children and families. In 2016, with input from the community, First 5 Humboldt developed a new strategic plan. The plan addresses our significantly declining revenues. It shifts the focus of our work away from being a funder to being a catalyst for change. First 5 Humboldt has always emphasized prevention work and changing systems to better serve families. With the new plan, First 5 Humboldt is working even harder to make sure that early prevention is a priority and that young children are considered in all policy decisions. Join us in working with policy makers and community partners to make healthy children who reach their full potential our priority, now and for our future. Respectfully, Mary Ann Hansen
A Message from Our Executive Director
Our Vision
All Humboldt County children thrive in healthy, supportive, nurturing families and neighborhoods, enter school ready to learn and become active participants of their community.
Protective Factors
Research supports that when the Five Protective Factors are present they create healthy environments for the optimal development of all children.  The Five Protective Factors include: 1. Parent Resilience 2. Concrete Support in Times of Need 3. Social and Emotional Competence of Children 4. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development 5. Social Connections Evidence also shows that these are the factors that diminish the likelihood of abuse and neglect.  First 5 Humboldt supports these protective factors through many programs.  Throughout this report, the symbol below will indicate program information that is related to the protective factors.
"Stimulating for my kids, reaffirming for me.  Great social and educational benefit for us. Thanks."
-Parent comment about First 5 Humboldt Playgroup
Programs & Services
First 5 Humboldt Funded Programs
First 5 Humboldt's mission is to work with families and community organizations to promote comprehensive and integrated systems of services for early childhood development in order to foster secure, healthy and loving children eager to learn and develop their full potential.  In 2016, First 5 Humboldt funded programs, including playgroups, which provided services in the focus areas of children's health, family support, and early education. There were 8,785 children 5 years old or under in Humboldt in 2016.
"I feel that the help this service provides along with the warm welcome is great on someone’s self-esteem…"
- Parent/Caregiver
Unduplicated Numbers Served*
Parents, Caregivers, Other Family Members & Providers
*Participant counts are unduplicated within programs.  Across programs, counts can be duplicated
Programs & Services Continued
Humboldt County Communities served in 2016
Shelter Cove
Rio Dell
Ke' pel (Weitchpec)
Blue Lake
Willow Creek
Parents/Caregivers participating in either First 5 Humboldt Playgroups or Parent and Family Support Programs who believe the program has had a POSITIVE EFFECT on their child or family.
Children's Health
First 5 Humboldt provides funding to the Paso a Paso Program and Nurse Family Partnership (NFP).  Both programs work with pregnant women to get early prenatal care.  
For First 5 Humboldt, health means more than the physical body being free of disease. Health also includes emotional stability and a sense of well-being, positive connections to other people, and enough financial and other resources to meet physical, emotional and social needs. Because of this understanding, First 5 Humboldt funds and supports programs that positively affect the physical, emotional, social and economic health of young children and pregnant women.
Prenatal Care
Percentage of Clients Who Received Early Prenatal Care
Family Support
Funding parent and family support programs is a priority for First 5 Humboldt.  Research shows that social support networks and other informal supports reduce social isolation and are associated with improved parenting skills, greater knowledge of child development, and improved family relations.  First 5 Humboldt Playgroups are a major source of support to parents and families in Humboldt County.
Children 0-5
2016 Number of Playgroup Visits
"My daughter has gained so many skills; sharing, communicating, and she gets real enrichment-music, building/trying new things"
-Playgroup Parent describing positive effects of Playgroup
In 2016, First 5 Humboldt partnered with the following organizations to support families.
First 5 Humboldt Playgroups
Blue Lake Family Community Resource Center Manila Family Resource Center McKinleyville Family Resource Center Willow Creek Community Resource Center Humboldt County Office of Education Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center/ Catholic Charities Women and Children's Fund
Family Support Continued
Playgroup Participation and Parenting
2016 survey data collected from parents and caregivers who attend First 5 Humboldt Humboldt Playgroups showed that playgroup attendance is significantly related to improvements in parenting capacity*.
Increase in Playgroup Attendance
Feeling less stress
Learning more about what skills are typical for child's age
Discovering new things about child's strengths/needs
* Data was analyzed using a Spearman's Rank Order correlation test.  A 95% level of significance (α = .05) was selected for these inferential statistical tests.
What are you doing differently as a family because of your participation in playgroup?
"Teaching me to teach him to problem solve with other children when an adults isn't available to help."
-Playgroup Parent
"We've become more engaged with our child and started incorporating reading books as part of our activities."
"We widened our circle of friends and community.  Playgroup is invaluable." 
-Playgroup Parent
-Playgroup Parent
Family Support Continued
Early Childhood and Family Specialists Support for Parents
Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to talk with Early Childhood and Family Specialists during playgroup about any concerns they have regarding child development, family functioning, and other topics.  2016 survey data showed that parents and caregivers who consulted with a Specialist at playgroup had better outcomes.
Increase in Playgroup Attendance
Feeling less stress
Discovering new things about child's strengths/needs
* Data was analyzed using a Fisher-Freeman-Halton Exact Test.  A 95% level of significance (α = .05) was selected for these inferential statistical tests.
Parents and Caregivers who talked with an Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Specialist at Playgroup
Knew more about where to get information about services/activities
Have learned more about what skills/behaviors are typical for their child's age
Deal better with parenting issues
Feel more supported as a parent
Were more likely to have someone to talk to with about their concerns and frustrations
Early Education
Non- Playgroup Attendee
Playgroup Attendee
The Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) developed the Kindergarten Screening Tool (KST) in 2012 to screen incoming Kindergartners regarding their readiness for school. The KST measures children’s readiness in four domains: Language/Literacy, Mathematics, Social Emotional, and Self-Portrait. In 2016, 1,444 Kindergarteners and Transitional-Kindergarteners were screened using this tool.  Playgroup attendees scored higher than those students who did not attend playgroup
2016 Kindergarten Screening Tool (KST) Results
2016 Program Participant Survey for Playgroups Statistically Significant Results Related to Reading
Increase in the number of days a family member reads or looks at picture books with their child
Increase in Playgroup Attendance
The need for high quality early education opportunities has been a consistent concern and focus for First 5 Humboldt throughout the years.  
Early Education Continued
Library Partnership
Children & Adults Attendees
Programs & Workshops
Leap Into Literacy Program
Children Served
Big Books
Theme Bags
Separate Deliveries
The Leap Into Literacy Program provides and delivers book bins and theme bags to child care and other early education programs throughout Humboldt County
Child Care & Other Early Education Programs
"The books give us a resource to extend the learning and inspire a love of reading with the children"
-Early Childhood Educator
The IMPACT (Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive) Program is a partnership with First 5 California which focuses on supporting a network of local quality improvement systems to better coordinate, assess and improve the quality of early learning settings.  The program consists of providing professional development training to Family Child Care and First 5 Humboldt Playgroup staff as well as establishing a system to monitor quality improvement.  
9 First 5 Humboldt Playgroups
10 Family Child Care Homes
Integration of Support Systems
First 5 Humboldt recognizes the importance of integrating the systems that support pregnant women and young children and their families.  It is essential to collaborate across systems in order to provide primary prevention and early intervention services to Humboldt County children and families.
0-8 Mental Health Collaborative
The 0-8 MHC was established with coordination support from First 5 Humboldt in 2010 in order to work toward improving the skills of service providers working to help children meet their developmental potentials. In 2014, the Collaborative’s Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health (IFECMH) workgroup began supporting a cohort of multi-disciplinary Humboldt County service providers in their pursuit of the California IFECMH Endorsement. There are now 8 service providers in Humboldt County with this endorsement.
Collaborative Partnerships, Linkages and Forums
First 5 Humboldt also partnered with California Senator Mike McGuire’s office to provide a community forum to explore service gaps and partnership opportunities. More than 200 people attended the forum to discuss the well-being of young children in Humboldt County. Many attendees signed commitment cards demonstrating their on-going interest in improving services for children and families in our County.
Training Participants
Investments & Funding
Tobacco Tax Revenue Fiscal Years 2006-2016
First 5 Humboldt Budget Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Explanation of Tobacco Tax Revenue Decline
Parent & Family Support $697,316
Evaluation $60,000
General Administration $235,877
Health & Well-Being $342,373
Early Childhood Care & Education $284,144
First 5 Humboldt receives its revenue from tobacco sales in California. The 1998 ballot measure, Proposition 10, added a 50-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes sold in California. Twenty-percent of that revenue is allocated to First 5 California, and the remaining 80% is allocated to the 58 counties based on each county's birth rate. This revenue has been declining 3 to 5% each year. In 2016, voters approved Prop 56, which increased the tobacco tax to $2 per pack (which includes the 50-cents previously approved), and included e-cigarettes as taxable. The new funds are designated for Medi-Cal improvements and research. A primary argument for this increase was that higher cigarette taxes are linked with decreased use. In light of this, the measure includes "back-fill" language. When the tax results in decreased sales, funds will be directed to First 5s to "back-fill" the loss. This means that First 5s will see a dramatic drop in revenue in 2018-19, but then the fund will stabalize to the 3 to 5% yearly decrease after the back-fill kicks in. First 5s will also see a decrease in revenue due to the increase in smoking age from 18 to 21, which occurred in June, 2016. Overall, fiscal experts agree that the backfill and other changes will result in no net additional revenue for First 5 counties, and revenues will continue to see a decline.
Commissioners & Staff
Community Partners
First 5 Humboldt 525 Second Street, Ste. 202 Eureka, CA 95501 Phone: (707) 445-7389 Fax: (707) 445-7349
Jessica Callahan
Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Branch
Megan Blanchard
Community Member
Sberi Graham-Whitt
Humboldt State University Community Counseling Clinic
Sydney Fisher Larson
Community Member
Mike Wilson
Board of Supervisors, District 3
Veronica Meggerson
Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Social Services Branch
Connie Sundberg
Changing Tides Family Services
Cameron Mull
Parks & Recreation City of Blue Lake
Mary Ann Hansen
Executive Director First 5 Humboldt
Andrea Sousa
Executive Secretary First 5 Humboldt
Jennifer Gonzales
QRIS Coordinator First 5 Humboldt
This report to the community provides an overview of First 5 Humboldt programs and services plus results presented in the 2015 First 5 Humboldt Local Evaluation Report.  For detailed information, please visit
Arcata United Methodist Church Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center/Catholic Charities City of Arcata City of Eureka Humboldt County Library Discovery Museum Eureka First Church of the Nazarene Fortuna Elementary School District Humboldt Community Access & Resource Center Humboldt County Office of Education
Humboldt County Public Health Branch KEET-TV Lost Coast Camp Manila Community Services District/Redwood Coast Montessori McKinleyville Commuty Services District McKinleyville Family Resource Center Mid-Klamath Watershed Council Redwood Community Action Agency St. Joseph Health Southern Humboldt Unified School District Trinidad Union School District
Arcata Playcenter
D Street Community Center 14th & D Streets, Arcata (707) 822-7091
Arcata Tiny Tots Playgroup
Arcata United Methodist Church 1762 11th Street, Arcata (707) 822-1963
Blue Lake Playgroup
Prasch Hall/Perigot Park 312 South Railroad, Blue Lake (707) 668-4281
Discovery Museum Playgroup
Agnes Johnson School 73 School Road, Weott (707) 923-1147
Fortuna Playgroup
Eel River Multigenerational Center 2280 Newburg Road, Fortuna (707) 725-3300
Manila Playgroup
Manila Community Resource Center 1611 Peninsula Drive, Manila (707) 444-9771
Mattole Valley Playgroup
Mattole Valley Community Center 29230 Mattole Road, Petrolia (707) 629-3348
McKinleyville Playgroup
McKinleyville Activity Center 1705 Gwin Road, McKinleyville (707) 839-9003
Rio Dell Playgroup
Early Head Start Site 95 Center Street Rio Dell (707) 764-5239
Miranda/So. Humboldt Playgroup
Shelter Cove/So. Humboldt Playgroup
Redway/So. Humboldt Playgroup
Weott/So. Humboldt Playgroup
Willow Creek Playgroup
Osprey Learning Center/South Fork East Room 4, 159 Orchard Lane, Miranda (707) 923-1147
Redway School 344 Humboldt Avenue, Redway (707) 923-1147
At Golf Links, Community Center Downstairs, Suite B, Shelter Cove (707) 923-1147
612 G Street, Eureka Suite 102 (707) 443-9694
VFW - Willow Creek Veterans Hall #9561 20 Kimtu Road, Willow Creek (530) 629-3141
Dian Pecora
Community Member
Star  Mohatt
IMPACT Coordinator First 5 Humboldt
Celia Haro
Special Projects Coordinator First 5 Humboldt
F.U.N. Play Center
Adorni Recreation Center 1011 W. Waterfront Drive, Eureka (707) 441-4248
Loleta Playgroup
Loleta Church 228 Church Street, Loleta (707) 733-5239
Orleans Playgroup
Panaminik Building, Orleans (530) 627-3202
Trinidad Playgroup
Trinidad Town Hall 409 Trinity Street, Trinidad (707) 677-3631