Top Reasons to use Databases

published by Joyce Valenza

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Top reasons to use subscription databases!
This stuff has been selected to meet your needs.  You will find articles, books and media for your specific learning needs.
Eliminate the noise!
Your librarian selects databases that represent your interests, your studies and your reading levels.
Read stuff written just for you!
Audio features make it easy for you to listen as you read or grab and send MP3s for you to read on your phone or tablet.
Make articles read themselves to you.
Don't waste time reading irrelevant articles.  Find out if a document is going to be useful by reading this summary.
Use handy abstracts
Copy a citation in any format--MLA, APA, etc.--or send it instantly to your EasyBib or other reference list.
Cite sources easily!
Your results may be available in a variety of languages through a handy pull-down menu.  
Set up an RSS feed for your search and conduct your good search only once!  Alerts for new content will be pushed to you automatically.
Push your search!
Get familiar with the most quotable literature, scholars, authors and experts for your personal areas of research or interest and the vocabulary they use.
Meet the pros!
See if your databases are available as mobile apps or email docs and MP3s to learn and work on the go or learn on the fly.  You can easily email important articles to yourself or your friends!
Take it with you (or share).
Your teachers will be impressed by your research chops. Teachers like "brand names." They look for the journal titles and authors you'll find in databases. They like seeing database names your source lists too!
Impress your teachers!
Your school databases are the little brothers/sisters of the resources you will meet at the university. You will be so much more ready to tackle college level research!
Act like a college student!
Shop for a topic by browsing in the Subject and Topic lists, or check out other features like timelines, videos, maps & more for ideas.  Check out overview articles to get quickly up to speed. Finding and clicking on a "killer" subject heading will gather a wealth of useful options!
Not sure what you need?
Send documents to your favorite platforms. When you are logged in, save documents, highlight text, take notes and easily document your sources.
Google (etc.) integration
Many databases offer embedded dictionaries that allow you to immediately access definitions for new terms you are reading.
Databases filters make it easy to find peer-reviewed, academic or scholarly documents.  Look for buttons or pull-down menu options.
Find the scholarly
Most databases offer balanced content, allowing you to easily discover many takes on an issue in the form of essays, editorials, and more!
Multiple points of view
Databases offer powerful filters to help you select type of article, date ranges, reading levels. Advanced search screens offer even more power!
Control your results!
Control, quality, customization, portability, support, clarity, and opportunities for you to stretch your research chops! And, there's a database for every information format and every subject!
Databases offer:
THESE QUALITY RESOURCES ARE FREE FOR YOU TO USE! Ask your librarian for a list of available databases & database apps!
Joyce Valenza and Brenda Boyer