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Lincoln Garden Teacher Survey
Teachers were asked to fill out and submit an online (or print) survey of 11 questions regarding their use of the garden, ideas for the garden of their dreams, and reasons for using or not using the garden.
The purpose of the survey was to gauge teacher interest in the garden and to evaluate how to assist in making the garden more functional.
23 out of 27 teachers responded to the garden survey.
By the numbers
Percentage of Teachers who are currently using the garden:
30% are
70% are not
Why aren't teachers utilizing the garden?
44% of teachers responded that they would use the garden more if they had parental support!
Teachers responded that they would use the garden more if:
What would the teachers like to teach in the garden...
What theme gardens would the teachers like to see....
"Beautiful flowers, green grass, blooming and fruit trees mosaic wall."
"Fountains, kid & adult furniture."
"Tools for sharing, tables, suggested seeds for growing and observing, appropriate labeling systems for beds and plants, investigative lessons ie plants in sunlight vs the dark, testing different soils, uniformity in lessons per grade, no repeated  lessons rather builder upon according to the standards."
"Seating.. Areas to read"
"An area that can be used in any type of weather. An observation area of different habitats. Possibly a butterfly area, ant farm, pond for tadpoles/frogs, fish."
"Bird baths and bird houses!"
"An area that comfortably seats 30 students, with a large whiteboard and bulletin board for instruction. In addition, it would have all the elements of the goals you have listed for the garden. What an excellent learning environment it will be!"
"A lot of color and easy-to-maintain plants!"
"Koi pond, new green house, pumpkin/squash area, shaded areas, better compost area (if someone was to head it up), working irrigation system." 
"Full functioning access for the entire school."
When asked: What would your dream garden have? Teachers responded...
For more detailed information on the results of the survey, please email [email protected]
Presented by: Lincoln's Healthy Kids Club
Updated: 1/29/15