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Las Flores Middle School
Home of the Bears
School Counseling Profile 2017
25862 Antonio Parkway Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
School Website
Mr. McNamara
"Our counseling team at Las Flores Middle School is committed to our school’s mission of supporting all students needs, interests, and issues related to academic, career, social-emotional and behavioral development through a multi-tiered system of support. The counseling team delivers School Counseling Core Curriculum lessons, Small Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, and School-Wide Initiatives and Programs. Our counseling team and school staff are dedicated to partnering with students, family, and community members to create a positive and safe environment that empowers all students to set high standards and goals for themselves."
Principal's Message
The Counseling and Guidance Team
Mrs. Deborah Miller Academic Advisor A-P M.Ed, PPS School Counseling 5 Years Experience with CUSD
Mrs. Alexis Goddard School Counselor M.S, PPS School Counseling 3 Years Experience with CUSD
Mrs. Terri Graffeo Academic Advisor Q-Z M.A Counseling/ Psychology 1 Year Experience with CUSD
Sonia Eatmon School Psychologist M.S School Pyshology 5 years experience with CUSD
Angela Danna Registrar Guidance Secretary 9 years experience with CUSD
Mrs. Jill Brotherton Assist. Principal M.S Administration, M.S Special Ed 16 Years Experience with CUSD
The Las Flores Middle School Counseling and Guidance Program is a comprehensive program that supports every student at Las Flores Middle School. We focus on the needs, interests, and issues related to academic, career, social, emotional, and behavioral development of all students through a multi-tiered system of support. We are dedicated to partnering with students, staff, family and community members to create a positive and safe school climate that empowers all students to set high standards and goals for themselves in all academic, personal, social, and career areas. Through individual, group and classroom activities, our program promotes students to become lifelong learners, as well as respectful, responsible and productive citizens.
Commitment to  Community
Career Development
A career exploration workshop was delivered by the school counselor and CSULB school counseling intern to fifteen 7th grade students. Students took an Interest Inventory on and learned how their interests and abilities align to college majors.
The exit survey reported: 100%  students  learned that college majors can be changed 100% of students were able to identify 3 potential careers
Social-Emotional   Development
"Stress Busters" was a small group counseling intervention ran by the school counselor and Chapman school counselor intern.  They met with students weekly to combat feelings of stress and teach positive coping skills.
The exit survey reported : 100% of students  reported there were opportunities at LFMS to help feelings of stress or anxiety 100% of students reported moderate to low stress at the end of the group 86% of students understand how stress effects their brain s and  bodies
Counseling Department's Achievements
The school counselor and counseling interns  provided individual counseling services to 581 students between January 2017 and May 2017.
Why Try Group: Designed to help motivate and provide students tools to be successful in school and life. This group had six students and met for eight weeks. All group members improved attendance and 83% of the members decreased their number of F grades Study Skills Group: Students learned skills to help them improve their study habits over the course of five weeks. All students reported that their study skills improved after finishing the group. Girls Group: The counseling team partnered with Girls Inc. to provide a 10 week girls group. This group focused on healthy minds and bodies. Students learned stress management skills and skills for building healthy relationships. 15 students regularly attended. Healing Hearts: Students experiencing grief and loss attended this group for 7 weeks learned about the grief process and positive coping skills for managing these emotions. High School 101: Over four sessions, 8th students learned about topics such as high school graduation requirements, A-G requirements, exploring the Tesoro High School Website, CTE pathways they can access in high school and had a small Q & A session with the high school counselor and academic advisor.
Group Counseling
The School Counseling Team has delivered 8 small group counseling interventions to students in the 2016-2017 school year to provide additional resources and positive experiences for students to learn skills, as well as gain support from their peers.
128 school counseling core curriculum lessons utilizing the Second Step Curriculum and Transition to Middle School Information were delivered by the school counseling team during the 2016-2017 school year.
The School Counselor and CSULB school counseling intern delivered 11 classroom lessons using the Signs of Suicide Curriculum to 7th grade students. Referrals for individual counseling for 25 students were submitted and 8 risk assessments were completed.
The School Counselor facilitates the "Mindful Moments" room every Thursday during PRIDE. This provides students with a calming and relaxing place where they can practice breathing exercises and mindfulness  activities.
Partners & Programs
We value and respect our community partners and programs because they provide additional resources and opportunities for our students and families. These resources include after school tutoring, group counseling interventions, funding, and curriculum for our students. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with us, please contact Alexis Goddard at (949) 589-6543.
Contact Information
(949) 589-6543
[email protected]
25862 Antonio Parkway, Las Flores, CA 92688
Counselor's Corner
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by CSULB School Counseling Intern Kristin Larsen