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Jackie Robinson Academy
"Making it Happen by Setting and Reaching Our Goals"
Home of the Dolphins
2750 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806
School Counseling Program Profile 2017
School Mission
As a multicultural community of learners, we work collaboratively to instill life skills in our students.
resources to ask thoughtful questions
boldness to take intellectual risks
courage to follow their dreams
a sense of purpose and integrity
a commitment to life-long learning and responsibility
Principal's Message
Our school counseling program at Jackie Robinson Academy is committed to providing academic, social-emotional, and college and career counseling that align with the mission and vision of the school. The team, consisting of the counselor, therapists, and administrators, focuses on developing life-long learners who pursue their dreams in a safe and positive environment through one-on-one interactions that builds positive and trusting relationships. We expose our students early on to understand college options and multiple career paths to encourage and motivate their passion for education.
Dr. Damita Myers-Miller
Mr. Campos
Ms. Spenker
Mr. Perruccio
School Counselor/Administrator Team
Assistant Principal
Ms. Spenker collaborates closely with the school counselor, the SST team, and other pertinent stakeholders to ensure all students receive the services needed to develop into life-long learners.
Mr. Perruccio is the school counselor and oversees, coordinates, and delivers a comprehensive school counseling program to all K-8th grade students at Jackie Robinson Academy.
Mr. Campos assists Mr. Perruccio in co-coordinating and delivering direct and in-direct services to students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and college and career readiness.
Ms. Benavidez
Ms. Santa Cruz
Ms. Tapia
Support Staff
Office Supervisor
Counseling Clerk
Attendance Clerk
Ms. Tapia works closely with the school counselor by providing clerical support for the counseling team.
Ms. Benavidez is in charge of organizing the School Attendance Review Team and School Attendance Review Board referrals to the school counselor and ensure exemplary attendance for all students.
Ms. Santa-Cruz supervises the office of the counseling/administration team and is the go-to person when support is needed.
College & Career
Career Day '16 - '17
Students at Jackie Robinson Academy get exposed to different career paths on Career Day. The school counseling program helps coordinate this event every year by collaborating with parents, volunteers, and community leaders.
PSAT Practice
The school counseling team helps coordinate succesful implementation of the PSAT to all 8th Grade JROB students. We help disseminate test scores and teach students how to interpret their scores. We also link students to KHAN Academy to help build on their ELA and Math skills.
Student Support
California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) placed 24 counselor interns in Spring 2017 to work with Jackie Robinson Academy students. Students received 1 on 1 counseling with a counseling intern. The graph below outlines the services provided.
Counseling Services
Male Leadership Academy
The Male Leadership Academy is a group counseling service that provides male youth opportunities to transform into well-rounded individuals through cultural awareness, exposure to career pathways, and community service.
The counseling program provides social-emotional support to students through individual counseling, group counseling, or referral to the on-site Marriage Family Therapist (MFT).
Our Partnerships and Programs
Contact Information
Phone Number: (562) 492-6003
School's Website (Click on Image)
SchoolLoop Website (Click on Image)
ParentVUE Website (Click on Image)
Happy Retirement
Mr. Perruccio worked in LBUSD for 39 years as a teacher, coordinator, and a counselor.  His office display case of hundreds of PEZ candy dispensers was a unique counseling tool that he used to bond with students and calm them when they were upset. Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Peruccio. We hope that you enjoy all the travels you have planned for your retirement "career." Thank you for your hard work and dedication to LBUSD and its students!
Mr. Perruccio
This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by Carlos A. Campos, California State University, Long Beach, School Counselor-Intern.