SMART Board Report May 2017

published by KBorer-Miller

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SMART Board Report
Thank you, Donors!
During our #GivingTuesday campaign, you raised more than $56,000 to invest in SMART Boards so all ten of our classrooms could be fully outfitted with this awesome technology. The Boards were installed in February and staff were provided two training days to bring them up to speed... since then, we've been loving the new tech! The SMART Boards provide our students with many new ways to demonstrate independence and build skills. In just a few short months, we're seeing progress that would have typically taken far longer. Thank you for giving our students the Gift of Technology!
May 2017
How often are classrooms using their SMART Boards each day?
Crossroads School | | [email protected] | 508-651-7500
One of our students likes to play "teacher" at the end of the day and writes words and letters while the other students read them and cheer him on. It encourages social interactions between students that might not  otherwise happen without this technology.
I gave my students a survey after a Spelling and Vocabulary Group Lesson. When asked what they liked most about the lesson, all three answered " the SMART Board!"
What staff are saying... in addition to "Thank you!"
One student in the classroom has a difficult time distinguishing between different items. Thanks to the SMART Board, he can now identify the weather, day, date, and month using the SMART Board!
Lessons are so much more interactive. They also allow students to interact with each other using games and contests. The "Shout it Out" App lets students throw ideas onto the board, and then discuss each idea in more detail.
The SMART technology allows students to interact socially and they are more excited about learning new topics. I can see the difference in motivation when we teach with the SMART Board.
Your donation resulted in extremely effective, interactive teaching opportunities.
"The SMART Board is good."
- Cam, Student