Discovering Discovery Copy

published by seth.fitisemanu

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discovering DISCOVERY
some things to remember
by Seth Fitisemanu
something for the first time...
When you discover
could be sudden or unexpected...
the discovery
or re-discover
something lost, forgotten or concealed...
or planned
because of your own needs or curiosity.
lead to new worlds, ideas and future possibilities...
Discoveries and discovering
These new discoveries
can be intensely emotional, creative, intellectual, physical or spiritual...
or they can be
confronting or provocative.
and offer new
understandings and renewed perceptions of self and others.
depends on their Historical, Cultural, Social and Personal contexts.
How and What an individual discovers
An individual's discoveries
may have far-reaching and transformative effects on a society.
may question or challenge the value and effects of the discovery...
Society, with its  many perspectives,
the society could reassess the worth of the discovery.
but over time
NSW BOSTES English Stage 6 Prescriptions used