Casho Mill Road Pop-Up Bike Lane Demonstration

published by Savannah Edwards

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Survey Results: Casho Mill Road Pop-Up Bike Lane Demonstration Project
The Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware conducted a survey on behalf of the Delaware Department of  Transportation (DelDOT) about the effectiveness of a buffered bike lane along Casho Mill Rd. in Newark, DE. The short survey gathered feedback from adults on the temporary, “pop-up” buffered bike lane during the Downes Elementary School (E.S.) “Bike-to-School” week from May 8 – 12, 2017.
A URL and quick response (QR) code on BikeNewark’s “Bike to School Week” webpage provided access to the electronic Qualtrics survey. Survey respondents were urged to “Rate your Ride” and the survey was promoted via press releases, Downes ES communiques, postcard handouts, on-site posters, social media posts, and a May 10 Community Meeting at Downes ES. While 49 people began the survey, there was a range of 35 – 37 respondents for each survey question.
Distribution & Public Outreach
The pop-up, buffered bike lane...
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Please choose the best response for the following statements about traffic on Casho Mill Road...
What do you think of the pop-up, buffered bike lane?
What could be improved?
"It's an improvement, but the orange barrels were really what made the difference in motorists' behavior."
"I liked having the extra "space" provided by the buffering lines, but I really preferred the lines and the barrels. Although, barrels would not be my first choice of obstacel. I think the extra spaced did help keep the cars away and it gave my kids a bit of extra room for their wobbly style of riding... they also liked the buffered liane better than the non-buffered lanes."
"The buffer alone did little to improve my comfort but the barrels were a nice improvement."
"I think there should be more lanes like this in Newark, especially in the downtown area. I don't feel safe when I need to travel up Main St., I try to avoid riding there."
Common Themes
Common Themes
"A crosswalk in front of the school is needed for kids to ride on the correct side of the road. Or a two-way bike lane on the side with the school."
"More needs to be done to reduce vehicle speeds when kids are going to/from school. To create a safe place for kids to ride their bikes there would need to be a physical barrier or widen the road to allow a separate space for bikes."
"I would love a crosswalk at the intersection of the school entrance across Casho Mill Road. I also like the physical barrier of the orange barrels. They help my kids stay further away from cars."
"Making permanent cones, planter installations or the like that would buffer the bike land between March to November. Diverting traffic to other roads during school drop off and pick up. Enforcing speed limit and car idling laws around Downes."
"Taller and larger buffers would be great. For example, planters placed every 10 feet or so would be a great supplement..."
"Expand to more neighborhoods."
"Slightly wider would be even better."
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