Crowdsourcing Results: Casho Mill Road Pop-Up Bike Lane

published by CC Delaware Ipa

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Casho Mill Road Pop-Up Bike Lane Demonstration Project
GIS Crowdsourcing Story Map Results:
The Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware developed a Crowdsourcing GIS Story Map on behalf of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), about the effectiveness of a buffered bike lane along Casho Mill Road. Community members and parents of students at Downes Elementary uploaded photos and provided comments on the temporary, “pop-up” buffered bike lane during the Downes Elementary School (E.S.) “Bike-to-School” week from May 8–12, 2017.
Overall comments were...
of photos uploaded were within 500 feet of Downes E.S.
Uploads by distance...
Comments by subject...
Bicycle Facilities
Traffic Calming Measures
Crossing Areas
Traffic Violations
Event Oriented
Featured examples...
The orange barrels are a great physical barrier. My kids tend to weave on their bikes in the wide bike lane without the barrels, and the physical barrier really helps them stay in a straight line and away from cars.
Car parked in the bike lane
It would be great to add a crosswalk across Casho Mill Road at the entrance to the bus parking lot. We bike in from the Bent Lane intersection and end up riding in the bike lane in the wrong direction on Casho Mill because there is not a crosswalk closer to the school.
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