2016 - 2017 Lower School Library Annual Report

published by khincks

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Detroit Country Day Lower School Library Report
2016 - 2017
Prepared by: Kelly Hincks Lower School Librarian
Teaching and Learning
Instruction by the Numbers
-  Taught 969 classes to PK3 - 2nd grade -  Served 9 reading groups weekly -  Taught total of 14,165 fixed minutes    and 11,470 flexible minutes
The focus of the school library program is to ensure students and faculty can effectively find and use information.  The goal is to allow students to become critical thinkers, readers, and researchers.  One way this is possible is through collaboration with classroom teachers and specialists.  In developing units of learning together we are able to combine our curriculum.  This leads to authentic learning opportunities for students.  Skills are no longer taught in isolation, but instead through application.  This year the library had both a fixed and flexible schedule when working with students.  PreK, JK, and kindergarten students came to the library at a set time each week with the opportunity for additional support when needed.  First and second grade students received library instruction as part of their classroom curriculum.  This type of schedule allowed for a variety of lessons to be developed that met students needs as well as taught information literacy and reading skills.  Examples of these types of units can be seen below.  
Fall Tree Research
Election Project
Pioneer Writing
Car Labeling
Biographies & Coding
Baby Bear's Chair
1st grade was learning about the election process.  The teachers wanted to use book characters as the candidates. Together we created a unit where children created posters and videos to campaign for their candidate.  To end the unit they voted for which character they wanted to become president.  Click the title above to see pictures from this unit.
Together with the 2nd grade teachers, we developed a unit that combined their social studies curriculum, narrative writing, and research skills.  Students collected information about the pioneers.  Then based on that information they choose something they could write a narrative about as if they were a pioneer child.  On their field trip they took a picture of themselves completing that activity to go along with their narrative. Click the title to read more about this unit.
PK4 was working on their car unit so we combined reading, writing, and technology skills to create their own car.  Students created an illustration of a car and then used an app called Skitch to label the parts.  They identified the beginning and ending sounds with each label they created.  Click the title above to watch a video of their work.
In 2nd grade children were learning about biographies in  reading group.  We developed a unit that included understanding text features in nonfiction books, research skills, and coding.  Students chose a person they wanted to learn more about.  Then they collected information about that person using a biography.  They coded their final presentation using Scratch Jr.  Click the title above to see their work.
PK4 used the research process of plan, do, review, and share to find a new chair for Baby Bear.  With the help of their teachers we took pictures of various chairs.  The children analyzed the pictures and determined which was best based on elements they thought Baby Bear would want.  Then the children decided they wanted to build a chair for him too.  We used the Makerspace to create our own chairs.  Click the title above to see their work.
PK3 wanted to know why leaves change colors in the fall.  They brought their question to me. Then the teachers and I worked together to help them locate the answer.  They took the information they learned and created a song including the facts.  They recorded their song using the green screen.  Click the title above to watch their video.
21,107 Books Checked Out
Databases and eBooks
We currently have 6 subscription-based databases available through PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.  These were accessed 21,515 times this year.  We have 223 eBooks available through Overdrive and 67 Capstone eBooks for a L/S audience.
Special Events & Professional Development
-   Visit from Author/Illustrator Wendy Anderson Halperin -   Bloomfield Township Library presented to 1st and 2nd grade -   World Read Aloud Day with Skype Visits for PK4 and KDG -   Jamie Casap virtual visit with 2nd grade -   8 Bagels and Books sessions offered to faculty to discuss     new titles and classroom connections -   4 week Twitter Class completed by faculty to learn how     Twitter can improve their teaching and learning
Extended Hours
Extended hours were offered Tuesday - Friday in the Fall, Winter, and Spring from 3:00 - 4:00pm.  Families were able to read, work on homework, or check out additional books.