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American Cultures
Email/Google Drive: [email protected] Twitter: @_Dettorre 
Course Syllabus
What We'll Learn
This is a comprehensive course that covers United States history, government and economics from 1910 to the present day.
What You'll Need
A book or magazine to read
A three-ring binder 
A pen or pencil
Always come to class with your Moodle and Google ID and password!!!
-A maximum of 80% will be given for all late projects. Homework and classwork will not be accepted late. -Missed work must be made up within two weeks. -Cheating will not be tolerated. -Only use cell phones when directed. -Respect your peers.  -Follow all rules in the student handbook. -Sign out  EVERY time you leave the classroom. -Ask before you eat!
What can you do if you need help?
Students who need additional help can come to room 109 in the morning from 7:15 to 7:45
Students can come after school to make up work Monday-Thursday from 2:45-3:15
Additional times can be arranged with the teacher.
All Power Points, notes and worksheets can be found on the course Schoology page. 
After the completion of each unit, a unit exam will be given. Exams consist of matching, multiple, choice, true-false, short answer and essay questions. Quizzes may be administered after the completion of a unit concept.   Each unit will also include a project-based assignment. Students will be given some classroom time to work on the project but it may be necessary to work on the project outside of the classroom as well.
Unit Exams/Quizzes
Composition Book
Exams will consist of multiple choice, short answer, matching, true/false, and essay questions. After the exams are graded, students will have two weeks to complete test corrections. Test corrections must be done before or after school, or during academic prep. Students can earn up to 50% of the points lost back by completing test corrections. 
Students will collaborate with their peers on a regular basis. During collaboration students are expected to; discuss the content of study, respect others in the group, and to end conversation when directed by the teacher. 
Students will complete a variety of projects throughout the duration of this course. Projects include individual assignments, group assignments, web-based assignments, and research assignments. Students are expected to utilize the time given to them in class to work on projects. Late projects will be accepted up to two weeks beyond the due date.
Students will be given a composition book on the first day of the class. Students will write in the composition book on a daily basis. The composition books will be collected and graded on a bi-weekly basis. If a student loses his/her composition book it is the responsibility of the student to replace it. 
1. Verbal Warning 2. Conference with Teacher / Parent Contact 3. 30-Minute Teacher Detention / Parent Contact 4. Referral to Administration / Parent Contact     Any serious offense will be immediately referred to the administration.      All missed detentions will be referred to the administration